FMG Select: archetypes of beauty in marble-effect surfaces


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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s Select collection underlines the natural beauty of the best Maxfine marbles with ceramic tiles in traditional sizes. 
This iconic, fascinating collection includes a great variety of surfaces, recently expanded with the new Sahara Noir, Gem Violet, Gem Pearl, Gem Rose and Calacatta Oro lines. Brilliant and easy to mix and match, FMG Select porcelain surfaces offer the ideal solution for elegantly and harmoniously customising any kind of space and style

FMG Select: archetypes of beauty in marble-effect surfaces
The new year brings plenty of new advice and solutions for interior design. 
They range from sustainable decorating to rough, natural surface effects such as wood and stone, suggesting an organic design bringing Nature into our everyday living spaces. 
There’s plenty of advice about trendy colours, with a special focus this year on the sense of well-being brought by neutral colours, primarily inspired by the earth (beige, terracotta, hues of green), with a number of special concessions for blue and gold, particularly in the details and finishes.
All this appears alongside timeless trends such as minimalism, still very much in vogue, the contrast of black and white, and the presence of decorative elements (primarily prints and glass) adding a touch of glamour to any space and determining the personality of the whole. 
Following the trend in recent years, we must, of course, never lose sight of the final goal of creating a custom-tailored environment where we feel good and express our tastes through the best possible combination of elements. In terms of materials, we are seeing a lot of metal in a number of different items and details in the home: brass, bronze and copper star in many spaces, with their versatility and ability to go with anything. 
The surfaces market continues to confirm the popularity of porcelain as the key solution for floors, walls and furnishings, as popular indoors as it is outdoors. 
A key material in the world of ceramics, popular among architects, designers and all fans of interior design, porcelain owes its success to the exceptional combination of technical and aesthetic properties it offers.
Made up of minerals, clays, kaolins and feldspars, all carefully selected raw materials, this surprising material takes form in ultra-high temperature kilns reproducing the natural processes involved in creation of natural rocks.
The result is a material that is homogeneous throughout, with veins running through its entire thickness and a random surface that never repeats itself. Its compactness and non-absorbency make it extremely resistant to scratching, wear and tread. Its appearance makes it unique in the world of ceramics, and it is considered the ideal material for outdoor surfaces and furnishings, as high-tech porcelain doesn’t suffer from temperature excursions, frost or direct sunlight.
What’s more, use of ceramic slabs is not limited to laying on walls or floors, but on many occasions they become an element of design, customised in response to demand, as revealed, for example, in the great variety of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti solutions.
A landmark in the ceramics industry and Italian design, FMG stands out for the beauty and variety of its collections, from Maxfine maxi-slabs to more conventional tile sizes.
In 2021 FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti introduces the Marmi Select collection, bringing together the most fascinating Marmi MaxFine surfaces and offering them in conventional tile sizes (60x60 cm) and new decorative pieces.
The Select catalogue is vast and highly varied, perfect for making a specific, customised choice: 20 colours, 4 different finishes and new sizes offer possibilities for personalising even the smallest spaces, thanks to the innate elegance and beauty of marble and stone.
As we have seen, the colour palette encompasses a wide range of shades, from Black Marquina to seven shades of Onice and warm, enveloping, delicate hues. Then there are, of course, the best-known white marbles, from Calacatta to Bianco Venato Extra, especially recommended for spaces with plenty of light, reflections and colour contrasts. 
Versatile, contemporary intermediate hues include the unexpected patterns of Gaudì Stone, Travertino and Blue de Savoie.

FMG recently added more interesting varieties of marble to its traditional Select range, presented in the gallery here: sophisticated dark Sahara Noir, delicate neutral Gem Violet, Gem Pearl and Gem Rose, and ever-popular Calacatta Oro.
These are marbles of great expressive power, easy to mix and match with one another and above all perfect for a great variety of uses
The elegance of Sahara Noir, with its bold black colour and original streaks of different widths intersecting like a painter’s brushstrokes, is perfect for decorating a bedroom, living room, fashion store or restaurant with great power and character.
The natural, dynamic veining, hues and crystals of Gem Violet, Pearl and Rose create surfaces which never repeat themselves or appear obvious, for refined, intense, enveloping spaces.
Calacatta Oro will need no introduction: traditionally the top choice in prestigious projects, with a bold ornamental impact, Calacatta Oro from the Select collection underlines the bold drama inherent in spaces of all kinds with its white background and the irregular flowing motion of its beautiful veining in hues of grey, pale yellow and gold.

Marco Privato