DYS Design Your Slabs: expressions of style for daily living

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Customising spaces in homes, businesses and public places is a key goal of contemporary design.
DYS Design Your Slabs is a decorating solution allowing Iris Ceramica Group brands to reproduce any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs, a surprising and innovative solution permitting free, creative reinterpretation of everyday living spaces

DYS Design Your Slabs: expressions of style for daily living
When we talk about customising spaces, what we have in mind is a place for everyday living that represents who we are, a place where we can live and work surrounded by furnishings and objects we like, without following any particular stylistic rules or guidelines.
The great variety of solutions, products and materials available on the market today is intended to help us make a choice that may seem simple and immediate, but very often isn’t.
After all, the heterogenous nature of contemporary design is one of its most evident features, as in the so-called mix and match style. 
This style values unusual colours and shapes and juxtaposes very different materials, often from different times and places, reclaiming objects and finding new uses for them.
All in perfect freedom, with no rules and regulations!

Another example is decoration, a consideration very often set aside in contemporary minimalist styles which is now back in vogue in interior design with new energy and vitality.
As a highly expressive element, decoration is a direct form of communication of great appeal that can say a lot about us and our tastes and sensibilities.
In spaces for dining, wellness and fitness, hospitality and entertainment, decoration can also represent an added value, a business card for enterprises, and is no longer considered something superfluous that we can do without.
To help us in this creative process, the development of numerous technical procedures now permits us to imagine and implement solutions and effects that were unthinkable until only a few years ago, especially in the world of surfaces.
One of the best examples of new developments and creative freedom may be found in the DYS Design Your Slabs digital system offered by the Iris Ceramica Group.
An internationally acknowledged leader on the ceramics market, the Iris Ceramica Group boasts decades of experience in the world of coverings, by virtue of the drive for innovation that has often made the Group a pioneer in interior design solutions.
DYS Design Your Slabs represents yet another step in this long history of production oriented toward innovation.
DYS permits creation of any kind of image on high-tech ceramic maxi-slabs, an increasingly popular covering material in many of today’s interior design styles. 
While maintaining all the technical qualities of a high-performance material, high-tech porcelain, DYS coverings can give a facelift to spaces for everyday living with a new highly personal creative approach.

In technical terms, by using Iris Ceramica Group slabs, which set the standard in the industry, the DYS system guarantees a whole series of important technical benefits such as non-absorbency, resistance to temperature excursions, stains and chemicals, colourfastness and easy cleaning.
With such a secure, dependable ceramic product, the colour of the image printed is guaranteed to remain the same over its entire lifespan.
" Colours, nuances, natural and artistic inspirations, textures: with Design Your Slabs, imagination has no limits and all ideas can take shape, down to the smallest detail". 
In the DYS system, the various brands in the Iris Ceramica Group put their creative ideas into practice with continuity and originality, for use both indoors and outdoors.

For example, it is possible to create aesthetic and artistic compositions with textures inspired by optical effects, geometric shapes, abstract forms, or landscapes, or create evocative effects of visual continuity with 300x150 cm maxi-slabs.
Design Your Slabs maxi-slabs are true items of furniture as they can also be used to make countertops and furnishings, or to frame walls as if they were works of art.
The image may be created combining laboratory techniques to obtain exactly the desired result.
DYS is a revolutionary innovative technology which is, however, based on concepts of decoration and illustration deriving from the know-how of traditional hand craftsmanship.
Ceramic is a material that still continues to surprise us today with its countless new forms and interpretations: a material perfect for decorating and covering spaces for daily living in increasingly fascinating and personal ways.

Marco Privato