Atmospheres of harmony and beauty: Great Elite and Great One marble-effect ceramics

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The prestige of famous marbles and the attraction of the total white look: Porcelaingres’s Great Elite and Great collections underline and enhance spaces for daily living, and are available in two sizes, 120x120 and 120x270. A variety of finishes, easy mixing and matching, and a vast choice of different colours and details help the two collections underline the appeal of interior design, offering an immediate sense of positivity, warmth and well-being

Atmospheres of harmony and beauty: Great Elite and Great One marble-effect ceramics
Improving the atmosphere in the home or workspace, the places where we pass the majority of our time, is an important goal of contemporary design.
Due to the frantic pace of life today and our many everyday responsibilities, we often fail to spend enough time focusing on the quality of life in the spaces we live in.
Yet, as many disciplines have amply demonstrated, a house that reflects our tastes and our character, a good balance of furnishings and objects, calming, satisfying colours and attention to detail are factors that have a significant impact on our well-being.

Whatever the style of the home, the search for a personal harmony is, now more than ever, a key goal in domestic spaces, with the goal of conveying positive vibes and energy.
In most cases there is no need for complex renovations to achieve this goal; all we need to do is consider the unexpressed potential of our homes, eliminate superfluous items, recognise the importance of light sources, and, above all, pay attention to the details.
The majority of products available on the market today respond to technical requirements while offering interesting aesthetic opportunities.
High-tech ceramic is the best material for modifying and improving the appeal of residential spaces, as well as public and commercial places, while maintaining the highest standards of performance and offering numerous covering and decorating solutions.
Porcelaingres is one of the most important manufacturers of porcelain surfaces in Germany, a member of Italy’s Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader with 60 years of experience making quality ceramics.
In the company’s plant in Vetschau, near Brandenburg, it produces exclusive high-tech ceramic slabs for covering walls and floors on one of Europe’s greenest and most modern production lines. The pillars of the company’s production system include development and technological innovation, ecology and sustainability, certified under international certification programmes (British BREEAM certification and the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification). The sustainability so important in today’s production cycles is implemented starting with natural raw materials (clay, quartz and feldspar) and recycling and regenerating production scrap, reducing "the environmental impact of the production process and cutting CO2 emissions in our plants by 4,000 tonnes a year".
The Porcelaingres catalogue is highly various and fascinating, offering indoor and outdoor solutions for architectural projects inspired by materials such as stone, wood and marble.
Surfaces range from classic to modern, from minimalist to industrial style, with the same basic goal of coming up with customised projects that make their mark, with skilful contrasts in style and alternative combinations, ideal for today’s increasingly well-informed and demanding design fans.
Great Elite and Great One, presented here, are just two of the fascinating collections of ceramic coverings inspired by precious marbles, available in the 120x120 and 120x270 cm sizes. In line with the company’s green spirit, these sizes facilitate the operations involved in renewal of floors and walls while responding to the various demands of living and minimising waste of the material during installation. The 270x120cm size, for example, is perfect for covering walls all the way up to the ceiling, eliminating cutting and scrap as it corresponds to standard room height (270 cm).

In the “exclusive Bright finish, underlining the material’s unique veining, and the Natural finish, with a velvety texture”, Great Elite comes in 6 colours: Statuario, Invisible, Calacatta, Noir, Marquinha and Alpi.
Alpi is a fascinating surface "with an intense green background, alternating dark and light shades lit by attractive white grains".
Great Elite black and white marbles reveal all the force and expressive power of the material’s background colour and irregular decorative veining. The slabs’ dramatic power makes Great Elite ideal for elegant, instantly appealing spaces and ensures that it goes well with any kind of material, as may be seen in the images below.

In the same sizes, Great One revives the charm of total white, underlined with the Naturale and Lucidata finishes. The former offers an evocative tactile consistency, while the latter is highly recommended for indoor flooring, thanks to its accentuated shine and the hardness of its surfaces.
Great One is configured as a surface of great aesthetic value, capable of underlining the mood of spaces with an elegant effect of continuity and great luminosity.

Marco Privato


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