Porcelaingres: a harmonious balance between beauty and sustainability in the new Stardust collection

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Inspired by clay, one of the natural elements that is best known and most widely used by mankind, the new Stardust collection from Porcelaingres reinterprets the material’s naturally intense colours with a modern twist, offering on-trend solutions such as aquamarine green and ocean blue.
With an aesthetic that stands out thanks to the harmonious interplay between granules and multicoloured flakes, Stardust pays testament to the company’s unwavering focus on sustainability, with a composition including 40% recycled materials.

Porcelaingres: a harmonious balance between beauty and sustainability in the new Stardust collection
Harmony between surfaces, furnishings and objects is one of the most highly sought-after qualities in contemporary interior design.
From floors to walls to kitchen and bathroom countertops, not to mention the various primary and secondary accessories, designers are ever in pursuit of sensory wellbeing and comfortable living, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of prevention and wear resistance.
As such, every space, from the home to the workplace, is seen as a single whole in which every element, from the light to the tiniest of colour details, does its part in creating a safe space that is also pleasant to live in.
Improving the quality of the spaces we inhabit is no longer a secondary consideration, as we have seen more than ever in recent times, when the increasing use of remote working, for example, has led to greater demand for increasingly personalised, comfortable home environments that lend themselves to both work and study.
A second factor that is in the spotlight more and more these days is sustainability, which is again clear in the many restoration works now underway and the incentives for building renovation.
In this green vision of living, oriented towards the near future and not just the immediate present, the difference, as always, lies in the materials used, their properties, and a technologically innovative approach to their production.
Natural and eco-friendly materials considerably improve the quality of both home and work spaces, and consequently the quality of life for those who use them.
The range of ceramics offered by Porcelaingres for the final months of the year and interior design for 2022 is in line with this visionary idea of contemporary living, as recently presented at Cersaie 2021.
An offer in the form of the Stardust collection that draws upon the years of expertise of Iris Ceramica Group, the Italian holding company for which Porcelaingres is the representative brand in Germany, thanks to its facilities in Vetschau, Brandenburg - located 100km southeast of Berlin - but also its Italian sites in Sassuolo, the beating heart of the Italian-made ceramics industry.
Stardust is a collection of high-tech ceramic slabs designed for a huge variety of uses, with both classic and contemporary styles on offer. Inspired by clay, these slabs use a modern eye for design to combine “the tradition of an ancient and versatile material with its industrial evolution in high-tech ceramic”.
With “both the ceramic mix and the surface of the material enriched with small coloured flakes, real ‘stardust’ that embellishes and strengthens it”, Stardust has a wide-ranging colour palette that is as simple as it is varied, in neutral shades such as Moonlight, Ground, Aquamarine, Terra, Ash, Lava, Ocean and Clay.
These material colours echo the natural intensity and realism of the reference material, but they are also paired with a handful of trendier shades such as aquamarine green and ocean blue.
The 40% recycled material used to produce the collection pays testament to the green soul of Porcelaingres as a brand, tying into a corporate identity which champions respect for values such as sustainability and eco-friendliness above all else.
The collection is made even more attractive by “LOOK+ technology, which simulates the unpredictability and uniqueness of natural, handmade materials”.
The result is a harmonious and random mixture of granules and flakes of various colours and sizes, making for a delicate yet original aesthetic intended to offer a positive and stirring experience.
With its 100x100, 60x60, 60x120 and 30x60 cm sizes, two thicknesses and natural finish, Stardust offers an extensive range of solutions for shared spaces, workplaces, hospitality facilities and, of course, any room of the house, from the kitchen to the lounge, making them comfortable and practical.
The resistance of Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic meets the highest standards in the industry, thanks to its uniform and compact body, fired at extremely high temperatures (1300°) in order to ensure essential qualities such as impermeability, hygiene and stain resistance.

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