Ariostea Full Body: the originality of full-body high-tech ceramic

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The randomness and uniqueness of nature take form in Ariostea’s Accademia, Fragmenta and Astra collections of full-body high-tech ceramics made up of mineral fragments, combined in naturally random ways to create a realistic, harmonious look that is ideal for laying in today’s elegant and sophisticated spaces

Ariostea Full Body: the originality of full-body high-tech ceramic
Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for designers, particularly now that a new awareness of the environment is becoming more and more important in design.
Furnishings, objects and surfaces increasingly reflect the colours of the earth, in surfaces inspired by the botanical forms of flowers and plants, and materials of clearly natural origin are coming back on the market, such as bamboo, wicker and cork.
All these materials share an aesthetic conveying serenity and harmony, with a decorative, expressive soul.
But nature stands out for another distinguishing feature: all its elements are always original, both in inorganic compounds such as rocks and mineral aggregates and in the plant kingdom.
All this is made possible by the randomness and spontaneous evolutionary processes that make every element of nature unique and unrepeatable.
This aspect of originality and uniqueness fascinates designers, who are at present oriented toward the utmost customisation of spaces in the home and in public places.
In the world of surface coverings, Ariostea draws inspiration from the randomness and originality of nature, particularly in its full-body high-tech ceramic collections.
A landmark in the ceramics industry world-wide and a top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, Ariostea has always had a mission of combining advanced technology with the beauty of nature, the creative genius of Italian manufacture with a constant focus on the environment
The result is a number of very important collections that "propose aesthetic stimuli and emotions capable of improving the most prestigious natural stones".
As we have seen, Ariostea’s full-body high-tech ceramics tell a story of beauty and originality through three collections, Fragmenta, Astra and Accademia, which is presented in the gallery below.
The entire surface of full-body ceramic presents a continuity of composition, both on the surface and throughout its entire thickness. The slabs are unvaried in technical, aesthetic and functional terms, safe and ecological, compact and homogeneous, as well as highly resistant.
Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, Astra Full Body surfaces come in four hues of grey in a variety of compositions. With a natural background hue, every slab of Astra is unique and truly different from all the others. The delicate dynamism of its ephemeral hues creates enchanting surfaces of rare beauty.
The timeless look of Fragmenta full-body ceramic comes in six skilfully balanced hues (Arlecchino, Bianco Greco, Grigio Luminoso, Botticino Dorato, Grigio Milano and Nero Ombrato) exploring colour on a neutral background, responding "to the need for contemporary design in which quality, performance and tradition are blended in a single whole."
In addition to natural inspiration, the Venetian terrazzo flooring of Accademia full-body ceramic brings the know-how of Italy’s traditional handcrafting to full-body ceramics.
Carefully selected raw materials and powders pigmented without the addition of toxic substances are worked, blended and pressed with high-tech production systems.
In Accademia the result is sober and refined, ideal for creative combination with Ariostea Ultra slabs abounding in colours and textured effects.
Full-body ceramics are available in countless sizes to respond to all kinds of needs. These include the line of surface coverings with CM2 greater thickness and non-slip finish of Astra, designed for outdoor use, guaranteeing aesthetic continuity with indoor spaces.
The full-body collection is featured in the new Mosaik Hjørnet showroom in Copenhagen, featuring finishes made using the brand’s materials, innovative DYS – Design Your Slabs technology and eco-active Active Surfaces®.
Ariostea’s ceramic surfaces in the showroom "add to the aesthetic style and are used both as surface coverings for floors and walls and for creative applications in furnishings and objects of design ", giving free rein to the imagination and to development of creative, original ideas.

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