Active Surfaces: beauty and wellness with Porcelaingres ceramic slabs

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Improving our quality of life and spaces with a combination of technically and aesthetically innovative products: this is what happens when Porcelaingres ceramic slabs are treated with the innovative Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ method. 
The result is bactericidal action with an effective anti-pollutant, self-cleaning and anti-odour action that remains unaltered over the years and continues to work even in the dark, creating comfortable, hygienic and healthful atmospheres and spaces

Active Surfaces: beauty and wellness with Porcelaingres ceramic slabs
One of the missions of contemporary design is achieving optimal wellness in our everyday lives by creating custom-tailored, comfortable spaces.
This vision of design is expressed every day in an infinite series of images in interior design web sites, social networks and magazines showing off accessories, furnishings and objects that are beautiful and gratifying to the senses.
Aesthetic considerations are important, of course, in that a space can only be considered truly hospitable if all its components – from colour to layout – interact in a way that people find harmonious and natural, making the experience of living, working or vacationing in the spaces more pleasant.
In our everyday lives, however, creating a truly comfortable, positive and healthful space is not only a matter of aesthetic and sensorial consideration, but above all of the technical qualities of the materials used and the value of other natural aspects we tend to take for granted, such as light and air quality.
One of the most innovative ways of creating the ideal environment involves use of surfaces, created by the Iris Ceramica Group, the world’s leading brand of ceramic surfaces.
ACTIVE SURFACES is a photocatalytic ceramic that helps purify the air and make all kinds of floors and walls cleaner and more hygienic.
The antibacterial, anti-pollutant qualities of Active, demonstrated by a series of patents and certifications, is one of only a small number of solutions that truly have a significant positive impact on the quality of our everyday lives.
Summing up the concrete actions of the Iris Ceramica Group brands in the area of environmental sustainability, ACTIVE SURFACES was first created in 2009 and has been perfected over the years, culminating in the Active 2.0 version further adding to the efficacy of the material’s photocatalytic properties.

Active is an "ecoactive" product, meaning it is a product that works to improve human wellbeing. Its action is based on the scientific principle of photocatalysis, that is, the natural reaction that takes place in the presence of a light source (natural or artificial), moisture and air, accelerated by the presence of one or more additional components.
In the case of ceramic slabs, the additional component is titanium dioxide (TiO2), combined with silver to improve its bactericidal performance. 
TiO2 and silver, which continue to act together despite the passage of time, even in darkness, are anchored to the slabs at very high temperatures in a uniform, capillary fashion using new-generation printing processes.
As a result, in the presence of natural or artificial (led) light, TiO2 triggers “the natural photocatalytic process, causing a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals to form on the surface of Active, which act by eliminating the 99.99% bacteria in an absolutely natural way".
Photocatalysis offers a series of practical benefits, beginning with effective bactericidal action, destroying bacteria, and anti-pollutant action, eliminating harmful substances from the air around it (NOx and VOCs, volatile organic compounds).
Active also improves self-cleaning, permitting easy removal of dirt and thereby reducing the need for use of aggressive cleaning products.
Its truly unique benefits also include the ability to fight odours, degrading the principal organic molecules responsible for creating foul odours.
Active technology can now be applied to any ceramic surface made by the Iris Ceramica Group brands, including Active Surfaces by Porcelaingres, presented in the gallery illustrating the Marble, Pietra di Basalto, UNI and Urban collections.
These are collections of delicate, textured neutral colours crossed by subtle lines and hues adding an understated, non-invasive note of dynamism.
Recommended for both classic and contemporary atmospheres, the 4 Porcelaingres collections featuring Active technology represent a unique combination, a single product offering both trendy design and a solution making a substantial contribution to improving the environment and our quality of life.

Marco Privato