Versatile, resistant and sustainable: The new ceramic sizes from Ultra Ariostea

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Beauty, light weight and practicality are the distinguishing features of the range of Ultra Ariostea ceramic slabs, now expanded with the new 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes. 
In line with the standard dimensions of today’s designs, the new Ultra slabs are inevitably more sustainable, as they reduce cut-offs at the building site and optimise installation, confirming the Iris Ceramica Group’s traditional green vocation.
The ten marble and stone surfaces cover a vast palette of colours and moods appropriate for all kinds of spaces and atmospheres

Versatile, resistant and sustainable: The new ceramic sizes from Ultra Ariostea
In choosing the best ceramic surfaces for contemporary spaces, priority is always given to the performance of the material, in both technical and aesthetic terms.
Combining beauty with the utmost quality, above all in terms of strength, safety and hygiene, is therefore the biggest challenge facing designers today. 
The evolution of materials and the resulting range of products has made a lot of progress in recent years, offering plenty of inspiration and potential for anyone designing or renovating a home.
One of the greatest opportunities available today is the variety of effects now available: high-tech ceramics can faithfully reproduce any kind of marble, stone, wood, or concrete, to mention only a few of the most important materials. All this offers a multitude of chromatic possibilities, combinations and contrasts permitting a serene, creative approach to many decorating styles, from the most classic to the ultra-contemporary.
In addition to the effect created, a second key factor is the variety of sizes available. Here too, high-tech ceramic is a high-performing material, permitting the combination of large size with light weight using a reduced thickness of only a few millimetres to make the materials very easy to transport, lay and work with.
Producing these proposals involves production cycles which, in the case of leaders on the global ceramic market such as the Iris Ceramica Group, always focus on other equally important aspects of great relevance today, such as sustainability and renewable energy.
Ever since it was established exactly 60 years ago, the Iris Ceramica Group has made sustainability the key to its production of ceramics, summed up in the equation "Ecology=Economy" by the Group’s founder Romano Minozzi in 1971.
In the plants of the Group’s many brands, all this has been translated over the years into a series of "solutions for energy saving, minimum environmental impact, best practices in air emission and water pollution".
Major investment and farsightedness have brought optimal results in sustainable ecological practices, as proved by prestigious system and product certifications acknowledging, for example, efficient use and recycling of materials, optimal management of water resources, protection of air quality and energy conservation
The result is therefore an eco-compatible ceramic product made out of natural minerals such as quartz, kaoline, clay, feldspar and silica, with the addition of equally natural colorants. 
The Iris Ceramica Group’s covering materials on the market today, appreciated by interior design fans for their wealth of different sizes, colours and details, are therefore the result of a highly ethical vision and a dependable, efficient process performed with the utmost respect for the parameters of environmental protection.
It is on the basis of this concept that the new series of 270x120 and 120x120 sizes by Ultra Ariostea was created. 
A new line that simplifies creation of indoor spaces, in which slabs are adapted to the standard sizes used in today’s projects, reducing scrap at various stages in production, transportation and installation as a result.
By eliminating the need to trim the slabs, these two products comply with the requirements of liveability and offer the ideal solution for covering walls in a great variety of contemporary spaces, not only in the home.
The two solutions respond to the needs of newly built spaces as well as renovation projects, where they may be applied without removing the existing materials.
Extremely easy to handle, the slabs are easy to transport and lay in place, further facilitating installation.
There are 10 Ultra Ariostea surfaces available in the catalogue in the 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes: in addition to prestigious classic marbles such as Statuario Altissimo and Bianco Calacatta, the selection includes refined black Sahara Noir and Nero Marquina, as well as fascinating, intense Verde St. Denis.
The high-impact colour palette also includes the neutral hues of Fior di Bosco, Pietra di Vals and Crema Luna
This great variety of solutions adds prestige to both public and private spaces while continuing to offer all the properties associated with Ultra Ariostea high-tech ceramic: resistance, flexibility, durability and versatility.

Marco Privato