Buildings out of One Thousand and One Nights

Matteo Nunziati, Jean Nouvel, SWA, South West Architecture, Zaha Hadid Architects,

Abu Dhabi, EAU, Doha, Qatar,

Hotel, Skyscraper, Museums,

Porcelain Tile,

ventilated facades,

An overview of recent projects in Abu Dhabi and Doha presented in the pages of Floornature.

Buildings out of One Thousand and One Nights

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and Doha, the capital of Qatar, are like new versions of the cities of "One Thousand and One Nights". Not because of their luxurious finishes, or at least not only this, but because of the major challenges involved in building them, conquering land from the desert or building new land over water.

The most recent projects presented in the pages of Floornature include Abu Dhabi’s new Louvre designed by Jean Nouvel, an emblem of the ambitious challenge the Arabian city faces as it aims to become an important centre for culture and the arts.

In Doha’s West Bay, architect Matteo Nunziati’s Fraser Suites offer elegant, refined interiors combining Arabian decorative motifs with the Italian design of Fiandre’s porcelain maxi-slabs. Also in West Bay, the Falcon Tower astounds visitors and alters the city’s skyline. This 25-floor skyscraper designed by SWA, South West Architecture, makes use of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain slabs for indoor and outdoor cladding, flooring and thousands of special pieces inspired by the culture and traditions of Qatar, made with the aid of the Iris Ceramica Group’s product development laboratory. Arabian decorative motifs, particularly the mashrabiya, provide inspiration for more important projects, such as the façade of the Doha Tower designed by Jean Nouvel and the Lusail Hotel, a project by architect Zaha Hadid due to be completed in 2020.