The best way to predict the future is to invent it. BlueParty, Venice.

Paolo Schianchi,




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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. BlueParty, Venice.
During the BlueParty in Venice, the event tied to the awards ceremony for the winners of the Next Landmark international contest, organised by Floornature, a more than positive response to the slogan coined by Paolo Schianchi.

The awards ceremony was the perfect opportunity for architects from all over the world to come together – the rising stars and established names in contemporary architecture.

Federica Minozzi (Managing Director of Floornature, GranitiFiandre and Ariostea), daughter of Romano Minozzi, founder and chairman of the Iris Ceramica group also participated in the Blue Party as precious testimony to the truth of the event slogan. Indeed, way back in the early '70s, her father came up with the “Economy = Ecology” equation, in other words that the economy must always be to the advantage of the quality of life and the environment.

Romano Minozzi put his money where his mouth was, so to speak and organised a major cultural exhibition in Bologna, 40 years ago, with a ground-breaking title for the times “pollution - per una nuova estetica dell'inquinamento” (pollution: towards new aesthetics). This urban performance involved young architects and artists coming to grips with “pavement in the historical centre of Bologna and 25 ways of dealing with metamorphosing nature”.

The Fiorano-based company has constantly maintained its innovative, future-looking approach, not only coming up with products aimed at improving our environment – like ACTIVE tiles – but now offering us NEXT LANDMARK, giving young designers and architects who graduated after 2000 a real possibility to invent the future.

Event: Blue Party, Venice, 28th August 2012.
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