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Scandinavian Golf Club. Henning Larsen Architects.
There are many ways of addressing the issue of reuse of demilitarised areas. One of these is proposed by Henning Larsen Architects of Denmark at the Scandinavian Golf Club in Farum, complete with an exclusive nature park and a 2 x 18 golf course.

It was not just a matter of reclaiming a military area for civil use, but of finding the right balance between an American-style golf club and Scandinavian practical architecture.

Henning Larsen Architects opted for a classic wing structure made out of natural materials, primarily Douglas Fir skilfully worked to make the structures and the walls.

Norwegian slate covers the big, tall overhanging roof, which becomes the sculptural element in the project, fitting perfectly into the woody, hilly landscape.
Stone and Tombak, a brass alloy with a high copper content, complete the composition.

Big windows not only underline the building’s close relationship with its surroundings but light up the warm, cosy interiors.

Thus a restricted access area such as the Farum military barracks has been given back to civilians so that they can enjoy the park’s natural beauty, enriched with award-winning architecture. The Scandinavian Golf Club has been presented with the annual award of the Copenhagen carpenters’ guild for its exemplary construction.

Project: Henning Larsen Architects, http://www.henninglarsen.com/
Location: Farum, Denmark
Construction: 2007-2010
Carpenters: Jakon A/S
Awards: Annual Award of the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild in 2009
Photographs: Thorbjoern Hansen
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