Arch Days CDMX and Design Week Mexico 2018

Mario Cucinella Architects MCA, Batlle i Roig,

Mexico City, Mexico,

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Right here and now, Mexico City is the go-to spot for architects and designers because of two leading events.

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Arch Days CDMX and Design Week Mexico 2018 Right here and now, Mexico City is the go-to spot for architects and designers because of two leading events. The very first edition of Arch Days CDMX is running at the same time as Design Week Mexico to celebrate the ties between design and architecture.

A new event for architects to add to their schedules. Arch Days CDMX, an initiative presented by Renault and conceived as a platform and meeting space for architecture professionals in Mexico is being held for the first time, concurrently with Design Week Mexico 2018. From 10 to 14 October, Arch Days CDMX provides a platform where enthusiasts and key players can meet to discuss and enrich their architectural perspective. 
And not coincidentally, it is running at the same time as Design Week Mexico 2018. Apart from the fact that Design Week Mexico - the leading platform in architecture and design in the country - is celebrating its 10th anniversary with 20 key events and 100 activities across the city, with exhibitions and temporary installations as well as speeches and conferences that use creativity and design to empower the city, Mexico City is also World Design Capital CDMX 2018. All the more reason to bring out the important part that design plays in our society and its role as a hotbed of ideas for building a more livable city.
Arch Days CDMX is a stage and a meeting place, an initiative that supports the professional development of the Mexican architectural community as well as its residents, based on the principle that fine design is an integral part of how we relate as a society.
The programme of activities includes seven major events such as master conferences with the participation of world-renowned professionals, collective exhibitions that bring together the best and most representative of today's Mexican architecture, documentary screenings, temporary landscape installations and urban tours.
Four events have been consolidated at the national level - Proyecto Tamayo, Arch Days Forum (formerly known as Creativity & Change), Documentary screenings and temporary installations - and there are three new major international events, the exhibitions  “Utopia: de la ficción a lo factible” and “Proyecta” as well as “Ruta Despacho Abierto”.
Foro Arch Days is scheduled for October 12 and one of the invited guests is the architect Mario Cucinella, founder of MC A and curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. On 19 October this event will host a delegation of Mexican (Harari Landscape) and Catalan (Batlle i Roig) architects for a think tank focusing on three different territories that share common design roots. An event organised by Floornature.com.
Proyecto Tamayo is instead a recurring initiative (link) that invites a well-known Mexican or international firm to develop a temporary structure, conceived as a penetrable environment that visitors can make their own and turn into a social element, as well as a reference to the nearby museum and to Chapultepec Park. This year, it is part of the ArchDays CDMX programme and has been developed by the architect Fernanda Canales.

Christiane Bürklein

Arch Days CDMX and Design Week Mexico 2018
10 - 14 October 2018
Mexico City, Mexico
Images: courtesy of World Design Capital CDMX 2018
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