An urban redevelopment show. Lights/out Pasubio.

Davide Groppi, Kengo Kuma,

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An urban redevelopment show. Lights/out Pasubio.
The professional association of architects in the Province of Parma, organised a night to show off the potential of an old industrial building, whose suggestive spaces are waiting for a new use.

A group of industrial buildings in Via Pasubio, Parma, dating back to the first half of the twentieth century are no longer being put to full use, although right now they are home to a cultural hub: the Lenz theatre.

To show the city and the city councillors the huge potential of this former industrial estate, the PPC professional association of architects in the province of Parma, together with the Lenz theatre and the Arturo Toscanini trust organised “Lights/Out Pasubio” in September.

One whole night where a wide range of events – live music, art, theatre and dance, videos, installations, exhibitions – brought the spaces alive. In actual fact, this location has everything it takes to be able to create a functional mix of activities, getting people out and mixing and bringing the place alive again, as an excellent deterrent to the intrinsic risk of abandoned areas – urban degradation.

As an example of an industrial building redevelopment project, the evening provided the opportunity to present the transformation of the historical "Manifattura di Rovereto" factory into a new centre of innovation in the sustainability sector, an architectural work by Kengo Kuma.

This initiative of the professional association of architects in the Province of Parma is an invitation to reconsider the part played by some of these industrial buildings, now incorporated in the town centre, and to think about how they can be turned into something new for urban and social use.

Lights/out Pasubio night, 28th September 2012
Location: Former scedep factory, Parma, Italy
Ordine degli Architetti PPC (professional association of architects), Province of Parma, with Teatro Lenz and Fondazione Arturo Toscanini
Installations and presentations by Lemeh42, Enrica Borghi, Italia veloce, Carbone a porter, Garage Design, Localnet, Museo diffuso, QR-Code
Light design: Davide Groppi