Xinù Perfumes’ secret garden created by Cadena + Esrawe

Cadena Concept Design, Esrawe Studio,

Jaime Navarro Soto,

Mexico City,




The secret garden of Xinù, a Mexican perfume brand based on a very clear concept, is squeezed between two green spaces. Ignacio Cadena and Héctor Esrawe designed the garden to show off the raw materials and fragrances of Latin America in a sustainable way, with all the enchantment of alchemy.

Xinù Perfumes’ secret garden created by Cadena + Esrawe

Every secret place has an ancestral charm. This is the idea Ignacio Cadena and Héctor Esrawe expressed for Xinù, a Mexican perfume maker. A secret garden and a magic table where an unknown alchemist talks about the brand’s sources of visual and olfactory inspiration.

Visitors pass through an an enchanted garden, up a few stairs and through a big window into a small, dark space with a seven metre long table in the middle. On this surface, Xinù’s world and the botanical spirit are explained in a geometrically chaotic way, opening people’s sensory gateways in a personalised way through the meticulous work of alchemic tailoring.
Xinù takes form in the space by summing up the three pilasters of its story and its identity: number one, documentation and exhibition of a multitude of species native to the Americas; number two, a passion for design and handcrafts, and number three, the importance of sustainability and use of top quality materials.

Francesco Cibati

Surface area: 158 sqm
Year: 2016
Location: Mexico City

Concept: Ignacio Cadena + Héctor Esrawe
Design: Cadena Concept Design + Esrawe Studio
Project head: Alejandro Peña
Team Esrawe + Cadena: Verónica Peña, Berenice Hernández, Luis Medellín, Ricardo
Bideau, Alberto Yapor, Hugo Ozuna, Solana Lorenzo, Manuel Bañó, David Flores
Xinú team: Rocío Astudillo, Daniela Siller
In collaboration with: Construtech, Fábrica Astilla, Pablo Reyes, Antonio Sandi, Nouvel Studio, Quadratto, Los Originales Contratistas, Emilio Cadena, Rober Acuña, Juany Acosta, Rocío Pindter, Duco Laboratorio de Diseño, Joaquin Cevallos, Paisaje + Flores
Illustrations: René Tapia
Photos: Jaime Navarro Soto



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