From the recent victory of Rozana Montiel + Alin V. Wallach at the 4th edition of the ARCHMARATHON Awards to the Milan exhibition at SpazioFMGperl'architettura, Autumn will see a great deal of international attention focussed on Mexican architecture.

Architecture in Mexico

An Autumn dedicated to Mexican architecture! We start in Miami where the winning design of the 4th edition of the ARCHMARATHON Awards is Common Unit, by Mexican architects Rozana Montiel + Alin V. Wallach, and move to Milan, where SpazioFMGperl'architettura is hosting the exhibition – comparison between contemporary retail spaces in Mexico, Spain and Italy. The theme offers an opportunity to rediscover the Mexican architecture published in Floornature.

We start with two past events that SpazioFMG devoted to Mexico. The exhibition HACER CIUDAD México 2015 organised in partnership with the Academia Nacional de Arquitectura Capítulo Monterrey and dedicated to a selection of 18 urban landscape projects. This was followed in 2016 by the LANDA Arquitectos Piuarch Architetture Contemporanee exhibition that presented the city landscapes of Monterrey and Milan.

We continue with some more Mexican architecture that appeared in Floornature. The first is Pabellón M in Monterrey, a public centre designed by LANDA Arquitectos in Monterrey, and the second is in Mexico City, where architect Francisco Pardo in partnership with Julio Amezcua, was responsible for two interesting examples of architecture "in constructed space" and redevelopment of "empty space" in the urban framework: Havre77 and Milàn 44. In the port city of Veracruz the RED Arquitectos studio of architect Susana Lopezis extremely active, and was responsible for the interiors of several restaurants, by renovating existing buildings like theEmilio Bistró, the Davy Johns Restaurantand theHamaca Juice bar or the recent Simoné Joyería concept store .