De Huevos in Mexico City is a new gastronomic concept by Cadena Concept Design

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The bright shade of yellow leaves no doubt about it: the new gastronomic concept created by Cadena Concept Design for a new fast-food chain is all about eggs! The first outlet opened in Mexico City’s Condesa district. The egg is a very important ingredient in traditional Mexican cuisine, used in both home cooking and more elaborate preparations. Architect Ignacio Cadena drew his inspiration from the food’s simplicity and the country’s peasant traditions to design a practical, modulable space, a concept for the preparation and consumption of egg-based dishes that can easily be adapted for future De Huevos fast-food outlets.

De Huevos in Mexico City is a new gastronomic concept by Cadena Concept Design

Cadena Concept Design has completed another restaurant project in Mexico City. The studio founded by architect Ignacio Cadena came up with the gastronomic concept for a new fast-food restaurant, De Huevos. Completed in March 2020, the restaurant opened recently in Via Zamora in La Condesa, a residential district in the heart of the Mexican capital known for the cultural life and nightlife of its streets lined with cafés and bistros, boutiques, bookshops and art galleries; La Condesa is considered the Soho of Mexico City.
In this dynamic context, the new bright yellow restaurant at no. 31 Via Zamora will surely not go unnoticed. Colour is the first element instantly attracting the attention of passers-by and bringing to mind the egg, the key ingredient on the restaurant’s menu, but there are also other elements in the space inspired by this key ingredient in Mexican cooking.
De Huevos”, the name of the fast-food restaurant, is a play on words, referring to the egg as the key to the restaurant’s original and unusual menu while also referring to the egg as symbol of newness and freshness. As the architects point out, “de huevos” has two meanings: it is a Mexican colloquial expression meaning “cool, awesome, incredible”, as in "La fiesta estuvo de huevos": "The party was awesome!". The second meaning of the expression is its literal meaning: that something is “made out of eggs”. And so the restaurant’s logo, presented in the form of a light installation inside and a sign outside, is the shape of an egg, giving off rays of light at the top to convey a sense of wonder and surprise. The egg is a key to traditional Mexican cooking, an indispensable ingredient in countless family recipes. Inspired by the simplicity of this food, architect Ignacio Cadena and his team came up with the concept design for a functional space that can easily be adapted to open new restaurants in different locations. The food preparation area in the fast-food restaurant is fully visible, opening up on the corner to make it easy to serve take-out orders, even though the majority of the space is designed for eating it, either standing at the counter or sitting down.
The reference to ancient traditions linked with the country’s peasant origins, when every family in the country kept chickens, and to street food sold at booths in the market, is apparent in many of the elements in the dining area. The architects have designed a functional, solid space, using wire mesh panels with a variety of textures like those traditionally used to build chicken coops and birdcages as decorative elements and partitions. All the interior elements, including the light fixtures, the flooring, the chairs and the countertops are painted a bright hue of yellow reminiscent of egg yolk.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of +Asoc. Cadena Concept Design®, photo by The Raws

Project Name: De Huevos
Location: Zamora 31, Condesa, Mexico City

Area: 552.93 ft2
Date: March 2020
Architects: Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design® cadena-asociados.com
Art Direction: Ignacio Cadena
Concept & Experience: Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design®
Architecture & Interiors: Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design®
Contributors: María Cristina Pérez Reyes, Diana Vázquez, Enrique Escobar, Luis Rendón
Photography: The Raws