Water Architecture, swimming pools and specialised constructions for swimming - best of week

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A collection of architecture where water plays an essential role: interesting projects for baths, swimming pools and specialised constructions for swimming presented in Floornature is an excellent cure to (mentally) escape the heat of the summer!

Water Architecture, swimming pools and specialised constructions for swimming -  best of week

An invitation to get away from the summer heat with a virtual dive into the most interesting swimming pool and specialised construction for swimming projects, including certain architecture where water plays an essential role. Talking of architecture and water, it is a must to start with the project for a private residence created by architect Rafiq Azam in Gulshan, Dacca (Bangladesh).

Staying on the subject of private residences with swimming pools or bodies of water reminds us of these projects: a private villa in Jesolo Lido by JM Architects created with prefab structures, the shophouse designed in Singapore by the studios FARM + KD Architects and the swimming pool and pavilion designed by the architectural firm Robert M. Gurney FAIA Architect as an extension onto a residence in Bethesda (Maryland).

Amongst the public swimming pools built to renew former ones with new, low environmental impact constructions: the Al Anderson Memorial Pool in Langley - British Columbia (Canada) project by the Canadian architectural studio CEI Architecture, the extension and renovation of the Bagneux communal swimming pool, in the outskirts of Paris, by architect Dominique Coulon and the natural swimming pool designed by the architectural firm Pointner+Pointner+ Wagner&Weitlaner Wasserwerkstatt OG in Suben, Austria.

The natural environment takes on an important role: in the plan by the studio 3LHD the swimming pools for a hotel in Croatia follow the natural course of the land in the bay of Punta Corrente, Zlatni Rt Forest Park but, above all, in the bar by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Water and Wind Café, which is a  bamboo construction built using traditional techniques from the area of the River Mekong Delta.  
Finally, two projects where the constructions have established marked social value for the community it was built for: the Harbour Baths, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, designed by PLOT (Julien De Smedt + BIG) and the London Aquatics Centre, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, which was built for the 2012 London Olympics and has since been open to the public.

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