Sou Fujimoto, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013, London

Peter Zumthor, Jean Nouvel, Sou Fujimoto,

Iwan Baan,


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The 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has opened.

Sou Fujimoto, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013, London
The Serpentine Gallery appointed architect Sou Fujimoto to design this year?s temporary structure for summer events and initiatives. As in previous editions, the temporary pavilion stands in the park next to the Serpentine Gallery building. The project is commissioned once a year of an architect who has never built anything in the United Kingdom before. Previous pavilion projects have been commissioned of big names in international architecture such as Herzog & de Meuron, Peter Zumthor, Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, etc.
The structure designed by Sou Fujimoto is inspired by the organic shapes of nature; the architect attempts to create a new environment bringing together the artificial and the natural. The pavilion looks like an artificial nest made of steel bars 20 mm in diameter. It is a lightweight, semi-transparent flexible structure permitting visitors to feel that they are part of nature and the landscape while at the same time sheltered from the weather.

Design:  Sou Fujimoto Architects
Location: London, UK
Images: courtesy of Serpentine Gallery,  © 2013 Iwan Baan;  © Sou Fujimoto Architects