Renzo Piano, Science Museum - Muse, Trento

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Muse, Trento’s new Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano has just opened.

Renzo Piano, Science Museum - Muse, Trento

July 27 2013 saw the opening of the new Science Museum in Trento, Muse, designed by architect Renzo Piano. The museum is located on the former Michelin site, the subject of an urban redevelopment project, also by Renzo Piano, involving construction of residential and commercial buildings, offices and public spaces.

Muse?s architectural structure, with its complex profile alternating hollows and solid volumes reflected in the body of water running through the whole area, pays homage to the natural landscape around it.

There is another reference to the mountains nearby in the structure of the exhibition route, organised on different levels for discovering and representing evolution, the environment, innovation, biodiversity and experimentation. A succession of spaces and volumes offering great flexibility, built on the basis of criteria of eco-compatibility and energy conservation; the building has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) Gold certification.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Location: Trento, Italy
Images: Alessandro Gadotti, Massimo Zarucco



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