Pierattelli Architetture Arval Headquarters a photovoltaic lightning bolt in Scandicci

Pierattelli Architetture,

Scandicci, Italy,


Cement, Metal, Glass, Porcelain Tile,

The new Arval building in Scandicci soon became a local landmark. The value of the project is underlined by its status as an example of technological innovation and environmental sustainability, emphasised by indoor and outdoor porcelain cladding by Graniti Fiandre.

Pierattelli Architetture Arval Headquarters a photovoltaic lightning bolt in Scandicci

Pierattelli Architetture designed the new headquarters of Arval, an important company in the BNP Paribas Group concerned with long-term vehicle leasing. The new building in Scandicci, Florence, soon became a local landmark combining aesthetic value with an example of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. This result is achieved with the aid of prestigious architectural elements making an important contribution to the building’s performance, such as indoor and outdoor cladding made of porcelain by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces. The building soon earned itself the nickname photovoltaic lightning bolt for the photovoltaic and geothermal systems ensuring energy self-sufficiency and earning the building Casa Clima Energy Class A certification.

The big photovoltaic sails measuring more than 1100 sqm made with flexible high efficiency panels supported by a steel grid and integrated with the roofing characterise the building’s outer façade. The building has four levels, one of which is underground; all spaces are distributed along a central north-south axis with good east-west orientation. The central hall of double height, lit up by strip windows, leads to areas housing various functions. The offices are organised in big open spaces, with glass inside and outside to emphasise their spaciousness and a system of false ceilings and sound-absorbent panels guaranteeing acoustic comfort. Colour plays an important role in the project: the brightly coloured furnishings in the hall tone down the institutional look of the place, and each level corresponds to a given colour, assigned on the basis of the functions contained in the offices.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Pierattelli Architetture
Location: Scandicci, Italy

Images courtesy of Pierattelli Architetture


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