Pierattelli Architetture enhances the Tuscan landscape through a contemporary recovery project

Pierattelli Architetture,

Iuri Niccolai,

Tuscany, Italy,


Among the rolling Tuscan hills, along the Chiantigiana, the scenic wine road connecting Florence to Siena, the Pierattelli Architetture studio has completed the recovery project of an ancient 12th-century bishop's complex transformed into the Pieve Aldina boutique hotel, to offer guests a hospitality experience that captures the soul of a distant era in a harmonious fusion of past and present.

Pierattelli Architetture enhances the Tuscan landscape through a contemporary recovery project

In the scenic Tuscan landscape, among the hills planted with olive groves and vineyards, the Pierattelli Architetture studio has transformed an ancient religious complex into a jewel of hospitality that captures the soul of a distant era. Along the Chiantigiana, the famous wine road that connects Florence to Siena, near the medieval village of Radda in Chianti, the new Pieve Aldina boutique hotel has been built, a project that stems from the conservative renovation of a 12th century bishop's complex made up of three buildings that extend over a ​​2,000 square-metre area. The challenge for the architects was to preserve and enhance the original structures, restoring to contemporary visitors the charm and identity of a place that has hardly changed over the centuries.

The typical architectural elements of Tuscan rural architecture, such as the irregular façades in pietraforte sandstone, the thick walls, the sturdy timber frames and terracotta rooftiles, have been respectfully preserved. The result is a visually fascinating and authentic space where guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility of a place where time seems to stand still. Adjacent to the main building of the complex we also find the Pieve di Santa Maria Novella, a parish church dating back to the 10th century, considered one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany, a precious historical testimony enhanced by the project and which has contributed to enriching the unique and evocative atmosphere of the place.

Pierattelli Architetture's project was not limited to the existing structures. Respectful of the genius loci, the architects have in fact carefully safeguarded the characteristics of the place, also embracing the surrounding territory. The openings towards the landscape, created where possible in the structures and outside with design solutions that do not include any boundary fences, allow guests to feel as if they are an integral part of this enchanting scenery/strong>, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The attention to detail and Tuscan tradition is also evident in the hotel's interiors. Sober furnishings characterised by clean lines, colours that recall those typical of the area and the use of local materials create a welcoming and refined atmosphere, with an authentic link with the rural architecture of the area. Thanks to the attention to history and to the genius loci, as well as to the sensitivity in integrating with the local context, the architects of the Pierattelli Architetture studio have created a unique experience that offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of Tuscany, between history, nature, architecture and tradition.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Pierattelli Architetture photos by Iuri Niccolai

Project Name: Pieve Aldina
Location: Radda in Chianti, Tuscany
Architects: Pierattelli Architetture www.pierattelliarchitetture.com
Area: 2,000 m2
Date: 2023
Photos: Iuri Niccolai

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