Milano Design Film Festival 2014

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MiCue Milano Design offers a prize for new film projects at the second Milano Design Film Festival, scheduled for October 9 - 12 2014. Floornature will be media partner at the event.

Milano Design Film Festival 2014

Floornature will be media partner at the second edition of the Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF), an event organised by MiCue Milano Design with the support of the City of Milan and Expo 2015.
Milano Design Film Festival is coming up October 9 through 12 at Anteo spazioCinema in Milan. And this year, a series of events will be held at different locations around the world - Paris, Rome and Beijing - presenting films selected by MDFF.

The second edition also saw the promotion of the Short Film MDFF Award 2014, a contest for directors, videomakers, production designers and anyone wanting to make an audiovisual production. The contest will select an original storyboard for creation of a 10 minute audiovisual production centring on the theme of “Milan: The places we eat”.
The contest held by MDFF focuses on our relationship with food in public and private in Milan, the city that will be hosting Expo 2015, investigating the links between design, architecture and dietary habits.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Milano Design Film Festival
Dates: October 9 - 12 2014
Location: Anteo spazioCinema Milan, Italy


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