MESURA’s Bonaire Street Market


Salva Lopez,

Valencia, Spain,

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Street food is very trendy all over the world these days. Valencia is no exception, and the Spanish architects of MESURA constructed Bonaire Street Market out of reclaimed materials, with the involvement of the local community.

MESURA’s Bonaire Street Market

On the outskirts of Valencia, next door to a big shopping mall frequented by thousands of people every day, nine Valencian restaurants have embraced an increasingly popular concept of dining, street food, in Bonaire Street Market, designed by the Spanish architects of MESURA – partners in architecture.

The temporary space was created by fencing off a portion of the parking lot and grouping together and adapting unused shipping containers. The result is an isolated, peaceful space in contrast with the nearby shopping mall. The fencing around it was created out of recycled pallets.

One of MESURA’s most important goals was creation of a Mediterranean environment, an effect achieved by decorating the space with plants, pergolas and little tables. To complete the decorations and give Bonaire Street Market a dynamic image, a number of local illustrators were asked to decorate the containers.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Valencia, Spain
Year: 2017
Design: MESURA – Partners in Architecture
Photos: Salva Lòpez




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