Iris Ceramica Group flagship store opens in Milan




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Iris Ceramica Group Milano is the new flagship store of the Iris Ceramica Group, the world’s leading maker of ceramic surfaces for architecture. After opening recently in London, New York and Berlin, the Iris Ceramica Group boosts its presence in the capital of Italian design, a landmark on the international design scene, with a new showcase drawing on the cultural heritage of SpazioFMGperl’Architettura and bringing together the collections and projects of all the Group’s brands: Ariostea, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, Iris Ceramica, Porcelaingres, and SapienStone, as well as the new bathroom design brand, Seventyonepercent.

Iris Ceramica Group flagship store opens in Milan

The Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in ceramic surfaces for architecture, recently opened its new flagship store only minutes away from the cathedral in the city of Milan. The new showroom draws on the cultural heritage of SpazioFMGperl’Architettura, the company’s historic gallery and showroom in the Tortona District, which has hosted international architecture and design events and exhibitions for years, continuing its work cultural initiatives such as The Architects Series. The new Iris Ceramica Group Milano flagship store will be more than just a showroom, a new place for architects and designers to gather and seek inspiration, discuss their experiences and creativity. Consolidating the group’s international strategy, the centre will exhibit the collections and projects of all the brands in the Iris Ceramica Group: Ariostea, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, Iris Ceramica, Porcelaingres, and SapienStone, along with the new Seventyonepercent bathroom design brand, in a new international showcase of the group’s products in Milan which, after the showrooms opened in London, New York and Berlin, confirms the group’s presence in the world’s leading centres of architecture and design.

Iris Ceramica Group Milano is located in an elegant building formerly occupied by a bank on the corner of Via Santa Margherita and Via Farine, a private street in the centre of the city of Milan. The project by Area-17 Architecture & Interiors covers 750 square metres on three levels. The architects have preserved the building’s original volumes, defining spaces capable of establishing a relationship with the group’s clientele and giving each level a specific functional vocation. Exhibitions and installations show off the key qualities of the Group’s ceramic materials, which are not only aesthetic, and not only used as floor and wall coverings! Ceramic surfaces can also be used to create items of furniture and architectural solutions, all illustrated here with materials from the various collections of the Iris Ceramica Group brands. In the cellar, the presence of the former bank vault offers an opportunity to create a space protecting something very precious; covered with the Group’s eco-active Active Surfaces, the space continues to perform its protective function, with specially designed bases and display units containing the Group’s archives and samples of its materials. The ground floor contains the reception area for customers and visitors, a space open to the city where the famous slogan “Milano da bere”, literally meaning “Milan to drink” and embodying the city’s famous night-life scene, provides the inspiration for a cosy lounge for business meetings and social encounters, featuring architectural surfaces and elements characterised by maxi-slabs from the Iris Ceramica Group’s collections. The first floor focuses on wellness and personal care, as the architects reinterpret the theme of the spa in a central installation recalling public and private wellness centres, with a series of niches arranged around its sides presenting exclusive decorating solutions. The wellness&bathroom collection of the new Seventyonepercent brand created by the Iris Ceramica Group in partnership with Paolo Castelli is presented for the first time in the new flagship store. Lastly, the display space closes with the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collection, used to create a meeting room decorated in bold, contemporary style.

Via Santa Margherita, 4
20121 Milano - Italia