Research and development in architecture in Iris Ceramica Group events at Fuorisalone 2021

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Fuorisalone 2021 week is here, and with it the packed calendar of events included in the Iris Ceramica Group’s "The New Dawn of Architecture" programme. September 7 and 9 will see the event “Innovare per competere: ricerca e sviluppo in architettura”, two events for young architects under 35 organised in partnership with The Plan magazine, while the event SEVENTYONEPERCENT will feature a meeting with designer Paolo Castelli on September 8.

Research and development in architecture in Iris Ceramica Group events at Fuorisalone 2021

"The New Dawn of Architecture", a series of events organised by the Iris Ceramica Group, is here! The Group’s Flagship Store minutes away from the Cathedral in the centre of Milan, on the corner of Via Santa Margherita and the private road Via Farine, hosted a Masterclass by architect Massimiliano Mandarini on September 6 focusing on biophilic architecture under the title “HEALTHY. La ricerca su nuovi modelli di Human Design”(HEALTHY. The search for new models of Human Design). “Innovare per competere: ricerca e sviluppo in architettura” (Innovate to compete: Research and development in architecture) will be a pair of events on September 7 and 9 for young architects under 35, organised by the Iris Ceramica Group in partnership with The Plan magazine. Participation in the workshops provides architects with professional development credits.
On the basis of the axiom that “knowing the material with which to give form to a vision is the first step in designing in the present for the future”, the meetings will focus on the theme of researching and selecting materials for quality avant-garde architecture. The two workshops will be held by two prestigious Milanese architectural practices: Park Associati and Progetto CMR.

Thinking Plus, Making Plus” is the title of the workshop Park Associati will hold on September 7 from 16:00 to 19:00. An introduction by architects Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, partners in Park Associati, will be followed by presentations by a number of members of Park Plus, the studio’s research division. The workshop aims to guide participants in creation of a manifesto for research into a material, starting with a number of essential questions: “Which materials will have an impact on the future of architecture? How can we organise a research programme with an effective workflow capable of making systematic use of sources, analyses and intuition?"
The workshop will be divided into two sessions, in accordance with Park Plus’s modus operandi. In the first phase, Thinking Plus, innovative and traditional materials will be presented along with potential new applications, treatments and uses; each group of participants will be invited to concentrate on a single material. While the second phase, Making Plus, will take a closer look at how to combine conceptual aspects with practical needs to produce a true research manifesto.

Also on the topic of new applications for traditional materials, at 18:00 on September 8 the Iris Ceramica Group Flagship Store will host a meeting with designer Paolo Castelli to discuss “SEVENTYONEPERCENT”, an extraordinary collection of furnishings highlighting use of ceramic as an eclectic material giving rise to works of authentic, original design.

From 16:00 to 19:00 on September 9 the second workshop in the event “Innovare per competere: ricerca e sviluppo in architettura”, entitled “ Dall’Oggetto alla Città: la Ricerca come Chiave del Cambiamento " (From Object to City: Research as the Key to Change) will be presented by Progetto CMR.
Architect Massimo Roj, CEO of Progetto CMR, and his Research and Development team will present concrete cases on different scales ranging from design of objects to urban planning, focusing on the crucial strategic contribution made the research division, which Progetto CMR describes as a “workshop for experimentation”, in which to “cultivate the natural propensity for change, always guided by curiosity about exploring new scenarios”.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: "The New Dawn of Architecture"
Location: Flagship store by Iris Ceramica Group Via Santa Margherita, 4
20121 Milano - Italia

Images courtesy © Iris Ceramica Group (01 - 03, 15-20, 30)  © Park Associati (04-14)  © ProgettoCRM (21-29)