Toledano + architects Wood Ribbon interior design in Paris

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Toledano + architects, founded in 2013 by Gabrielle Toledano, has completed an interesting contemporary reinterpretation of a typical Parisian apartment constructed in the Hausmann era. The project demonstrates respect for the history of the place and skilful use of materials, such as the ribbon of wood forming an inhabitable sculptural wall and the porcelain slabs of the sculptural, monolithic kitchen counter and worktop.

Toledano + architects Wood Ribbon interior design in Paris

Architect Gabrielle Toledano, founder of Toledano + architects, accepted the challenge of coming up with a contemporary reinterpretation of a typical Paris apartment in Hausmann style, a "bourgeois" home with high plastered ceilings, herringbone parquet, moulding and a long linear balcony. Gabrielle Toledano recently completed an interior design project demonstrating respect for the apartment’s history and skilful use of materials, such as the ribbon of wood that forms an inhabitable wall/sculpture and the porcelain slabs of the sculptural, monolithic kitchen counter and worktop.

The key idea behind the project, according to Gabrielle Toledano, was to add a new lightweight element that would maintain respect for the existing historic elements in the home while adding a strong contemporary identity, revealing new possible uses of space and making the apartment appropriate for the needs of a young twenty-first century family.
The architect knocked down all the partition walls dividing the spaces while preserving the weight-bearing and structural walls, and identified a wooden ribbon wall as the element that was to characterise the project. The wall is made up of a number of wooden panels which were prefabricated and then assembled on site to form sinuous curves, snaking through the apartment to divide and define the spaces, starting in the entrance hall. The long ribbon of wood is lower than the ceilings, so that the spatial qualities of the apartment’s historic layout are still legible in the design of the plasterwork on the ceilings. The wooden ribbon appears to be an inhabitable sculpture, dividing up spaces, creating niches containing books and other objects, concealing the entrances to different rooms and containing handy utility areas such as the dressing rooms adjacent to the bedrooms. The strip of wood defines the spacious living area and divides it into a sitting room, furnished with items of refined design such as the armless chair designed by SANAA and the Shimmer table by Patricia Urquiola, and a kitchen, featuring a monolithic cooking and work surface made to measure out of Travertino Santa Caterina ceramic maxi-slabs from Ariostea’s ULTRA MARMI collection. The ribbon of wood separates the big living area from the bedroom area, once again divided into two parts. The first contains the master bedroom, with an open dressing room and bathroom covered with luxurious ULTRA ONICI Grey Onyx Vein Cut slabs by Ariostea. The second is the child’s bedroom, where the architect uses brightly coloured, playful materials with white and orange polycarbonate, and covers the bathroom with Ariostea ULTRA ONICI Green Onyx Vein Cut.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Toledano + architects - Photo credits: Salem Mostefaoui

Project title: Wood Ribbon in Paris apartment
Project Location: Paris, France
Architecture Firm: Toledano + architects http://www.toledano-architects.com/
Lead Architects: Gabrielle Toledano
Instagram account :gaby.toledano
Firm Location: Paris /Tel aviv
Consultant structural engineering: Marc Malinowsky

Completion Year: 2019 (design september 2019-january 2019 and construction march 2019-october 2019)
Built Area: 130 sqm
Project location: Paris (10th arrondissement)
Budget : 200 000 euros

Large porcelain slabs by Ariostea:
Bathroom: ULTRA ONICI Grey Onyx Vein Cut, ULTRA ONICI Green Onyx Vein Cut ,
Kitchen: ULTRA MARMI Travertino Santa Caterina

Bathroom furnitures and taps: Inbani 
Brass panels: Egger 
Lighting systems: Sfel, Flos, Hubble lighting by Baxter 
Design Radiator: Varela Design 
Handles: Olivari 
Furnitures: armless chair by SANAA for nextmaruni, Shimmer table by Patricia Urquiola for Glas italia, Bar Stools by Hay