gmp New Trianel Headquarters Aachen

Headquarters, Sport & Wellness, Libraries, Auditorium, Offices,


gmp’s new design for the Trianel headquarters in Aachen was completed in June.

gmp New Trianel Headquarters Aachen

Architects Volkwin Marg and Christian Hoffmann with Marek Nowak of gmp won the design competition for the headquarters of energy company Trianel in Aachen, Germany in April 2012. Construction began in October 2012 and was completed in June 2014.

The new building concentrates in a single structure all the departments and staff that were formerly housed in three different buildings.
The building on 4 levels stands near “Neuer Tivoli” football stadium, and its main axis is aligned with it. The big glass surfaces of the façade are sheltered by sunshades and horizontal strips of pre-painted white aluminium.
Inside, the functions are arranged around a central foyer lit up by a big central skylight. The ground floor contains public spaces (a coffee shop, auditorium and library), while the upper levels house the company’s offices. A grid system with walkways, staircases, lounges and other service areas in various parts of the building provides rapid links between different offices, encouraging both business and casual meetings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: gmp (Volkwin Marg & Christian Hoffmann + Marek Nowak)
Project management - competition: Marek Nowak + Olaf Peters
Competition team: Sebastian Möller, Christoph Salentin, Tobias Unterberg
Project management – detailed design: Tobias Unterberg
Detailed design team: Clemens Dost, Irina Stoyanova, Sarah Coenes, Christoph Salentin
Images courtesy of gmp, ©Hans-Georg Esch