Trendy neutral colours: Fragmenta Full Body stone-effect surfaces

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The neutral colours and bold material textures of stone inspire the latest interior design trends. Trendy, refined stone finds new expressive solutions in Ariostea’s Fragmenta Full Body collection of porcelain surfaces. Appropriate for all kinds of styles and requirements, Fragmenta stands out for its subtle colour palette and irregular, dynamic composition

Trendy neutral colours: Fragmenta Full Body stone-effect surfaces
The principal design trends at the start of 2020 include floor and wall coverings in neutral colours, as announced in last year’s ceramics trade fairs.
The reasons for this include the numerous possibilities offered by this particular colour range, available in both warm and cold hues.
There are of course plenty of proposals with inserts and hints of colour of varying intensity (primarily shades of green and blue), all in pursuit of overall harmony and a moderate colour palette which is never ostentatious. 
Pale colours, hues of grey, and above all countless shades of beige are a choice guaranteeing a relaxing, sober atmosphere, easily matched with other colours and contrasting with brighter colours in furnishings, while significantly brightening up the room.
To all this we may add the constant contribution of natural materials, the key to the green style that has been popular for some years, with its focus on sustainability, air quality, reclaimed objects and handmade accessories.
The popular combination of "nature and neutral colours" logically leads to choice of high-tech porcelain surfaces that look like stone, wood and marble.
The apparent classicism of these surface coverings makes up for their basic sobriety with the many possibilities offered by a variety of textures, finishes and different sizes.
The huge number of original creative proposals for high-tech porcelain can transform spaces large and small in the classical or rustic style into contemporary spaces of refined, sophisticated design.
Ariostea products fit perfectly into the design trends of 2020 with numerous collections, among which the new Fragmenta full body collection of stone-effect porcelain stands out for its natural look and neutral colours.
A landmark in Italian design since 1961, Ariostea creates top quality high-tech ceramics meeting the highest standards of performance on the market when it comes to resistance, hygiene, safety and durability.
In its many collections exploring all the potential of Nature, Ariostea reproduces processes similar to those that transform rocks on earth over thousands of years, starting with careful selection of natural mineral materials.
The result of this process is extremely compact porcelain slabs which are evenly coloured throughout and non-absorbent, specifically intended to meet the requirements for today’s surface coverings.
Their many properties include a guarantee of constant quality, thanks to the fact that "computerized electronic management of the production process guarantees long-lasting structural quality… and enables random variation in the veining and blends of colours, avoiding all repetition".
The final products are slabs that are unique, each one different from all the others, as in nature.
Ariostea’s qualitative research has over the years focused on all the principal effects that can be created in wall and flooring coverings, with a special focus on stone, producing collections inspired by stones from all over the world. These include the new Fragmenta full body collection, with its strikingly simple background, advanced technical properties, and dynamic, irregular composition.
Characterised by an extremely compact structure, Fragmenta features a "grey-blue background peppered with irregularly-shaped pebbles and inclusions of various sizes for a tone-on-tone effect" in the colours Arlecchino, Bianco greco, Grigio luminoso, Botticino dorato, Grigio Milano, and Nero Ombrato.
The sober, elegant, skilfully balanced colour palette ranges from black to white, from pale grey to medium grey and from beige to brown.
Produced in the traditional 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm sizes, 10 mm thick, with three different surface finishes, Soft, Levigato Lucidato (Shiny) and Strutturato (Textured), these materials are perfect for indoor and outdoor surfaces, faithfully reflecting the hues, references and patterns of stone with variations that allow spaces to stand out with character and expressiveness.

Marco Privato