SapienStone: open-plan kitchens, islands and peninsulas 

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Design solutions for the home in 2020 also contemplate blending the living and kitchen areas.
An open and shared space, ideal for socialising and expressing your creativity, thanks to the high-tech ceramic surfaces that make it simple to combine the two most convivial spaces in the home. SapienStone’s numerous high-end porcelain options naturally enhance the aesthetic and brightness of rooms both large and small.

SapienStone: open-plan kitchens, islands and peninsulas 
Some of the many kitchen trends for 2020 include open-plan spaces and a confirmation of the incredible functionality of both islands and peninsulas.
In recent years, the open-plan kitchen has often coexisted in a single space along with the living room, creating a single large area which becomes the de facto centre of the living area of the home.
The small and unobtrusive size of the furnishings, along with the hidden solutions for the kitchen with concealed doors, make it easy to optimise the use of space and make it multifunctional, but above all, it allows you to express a contemporary look that spreads throughout the whole house.
This blurring of the lines between rooms, so highly sought-after in modern design, is in fact another aspect that clearly emerges in the fluidity of open-plan layouts.
The common factor that unites the lounge and kitchen is that they are undoubtedly the main convivial, social spaces in the house, made for sharing experiences and building relationships. As such, combining them into a single room seems almost natural, not just in terms of practicality in smaller homes, but also in large flats and lofts, where it takes a more complete and creative form.
As the star of the modern home, the kitchen has its greatest expression of contemporary design in its surfaces, in particular with the solutions adopted in recent years by high-tech ceramic.
The effects of porcelain have considerably increased the appeal of the kitchen as a space, providing flexibility of use, hygiene, elegance and beauty of the product in the long term.
SapienStone is the Iris Ceramica Group brand which specialises in kitchen surfaces and worktops for classic, modern and contemporary spaces.
The aesthetics of the material are visible in every option and every effect, but the performance of SapienStone slabs starts from the quality of a product capable of combining resistance, inalterability and extreme ease of cleaning and disinfection.
SapienStone can also be used as a bathroom surface and as a tabletop, for both indoor and outdoor applications in businesses such as bars, restaurants and canteens.
“Its excellent technical performance also allows for it to be used on walls and floor for an integrated look, either using the same colour or combining different colours from the range”.
Its resistance to scratches and thermal shocks is far superior to that of other products on the market: what’s more, the manufacture of SapienStone porcelain uses none of the coloured resins or protective varnishes which may be used in other materials to add colour and shine.
With Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of experience as a world leader in the production of high-end high-tech ceramic, SapienStone explores solutions with natural stone, concrete, marble and wood effects, with significant variations in colour and shade, for a markedly on-trend palette of colours and finishes.
Many of SapienStone’s proposals are ideal for an open-plan kitchen/lounge, because they can help to create a certain spatial, visual and perceptual continuity with elements of the living room.
The increased space created by open-plan arrangements and kitchens with island elements also allows for the colours, details and finishes of high-tech ceramic surfaces to truly stand out, making them into fully-fledged furnishings in their own right, in addition to worksurfaces and tabletops.
For further added value =, SapienStone also integrates the TPB tech® induction hob into the surfaces of its kitchen worktops, created in collaboration with the Spanish company TPB (Top Porzelanik Barcelona), in the Basalt Black or Malm Black variants.
With the “invisible” effect of its touch controls, the result of the innovative induction worksurface is a functional and minimalistic worktop with a completely hidden cooking zone.
This surface is resistant to scratches and high temperatures, making its original beauty easy to maintain. It also allows you to create an uninterrupted surface that can be aesthetically integrated into its environment without any constraints, especially in the context of open-plan kitchens and living rooms.

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