SapienStone kitchen countertops: resistent, practical surfaces for customised spaces

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There are always plenty of new developments and changes in the contemporary kitchen, even while maintaining the underlying concept based on a combination of practicality and beauty. 
Intensive everyday use demands we choose surface coverings made of unalterable materials that are resistant and easy to clean. 
SapienStone high-tech ceramic is the ideal product, available in a vast range of different colours and effects, including, in addition to well-known white, black and grey marbles, the new deep green Alpi Chiaro Venato

SapienStone kitchen countertops: resistent, practical surfaces for customised spaces
The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home most appropriate for modernisation, both because it is subject to intense daily use and because today’s proposals and high-tech new developments allow us to experience the kitchen in a more practical and satisfying way.
Whatever decisions we make when it comes to giving our kitchen a new look with a change of style, the priority will still be combining beauty with practicality
In this regard, it is surfaces above all that are the key to the contemporary kitchen.
Tables, countertops, peninsulas and islands are constantly in use and in contact with potentially harmful products and kitchen utensils. In addition to preparing and consuming lunches and dinners, kitchen worktops are used every day to put down hot recipients and cut food with knives and other utensils that have the potential to cause abrasion and scratching.
In addition to this, the necessary cleaning causes kitchen surfaces to come into contact with chemicals and detergents which can stain them, as can common acidic liquids such as lemon and vinegar. These are only a few of the aspects making it preferable to use surface coverings which are as resistant as possible, capable of maintaining an unaltered appearance over the years.
And so high-tech ceramic stands out on the scene of contemporary surfaces for its ability to combine these qualities of resistance and beauty.
High-tech porcelain is made out of ceramic clays and mineral colours which remain unchanged over the years, without being affected by light or by chemical cleaning and disinfection products.
Its resistance is certified and clearly demonstrated by compliance with the strictest industry standards, and in fact it is very often used outdoors, where there are a number of high-risk agents which however have no effect on porcelain, a non-absorbent, compact material that will not allow any kind of liquid to penetrate its structure.
The Iris Ceramica Grouphas been a global pioneer in ceramic products for 60 years, with a long history and plenty of experience working with covering materials for all kinds of applications. Leading the way with numerous technical innovations, the Iris Ceramica Group has always been sensitive to changes in design and in society, responding to the new demands of everyday living.
The kitchen, one of the places in the home that has changed the most in recent decades, represents a challenge for manufacturers of ceramic materials. The Iris Ceramica Group has dedicated an entire brand to production of the best kitchen countertops for homes and for professional use, as in restaurants and bars. 
The young SapienStone brand draws on the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of know-how, offering customisable solutions for scratchproof, shockproof and hygienic kitchen countertops under the slogan "dress your kitchen". In addition to these outstanding factors, the SapienStone catalogue offers a range of colours and marbled surfaces with veining creating a more realistic look than other similar products, as SapienStone ceramic is a full-body material, and it is above all the extreme attention to detail in the product that stands out.
The most popular colours include, for example, the Calacatta white marble line, including the historic pure white marble to the Light and Statuario and, most recently, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia versions.
Simple, sober marbles conveying a sense of great elegance and warmth, ideal for kitchens where the elegance of tradition meets contemporary design, as will be clear from the selection of images in the gallery.
Trendy dark colours, on the other hand, include precious Dark Marquina and Black Diamond surfaces to add character and personality to kitchens of all sizes. The vast world of neutral colours, ideal for combining with a great variety of styles, also includes refined Fior di Bosco and Palladium Grey, soft shades of grey with a vintage look that create a cosy, intimate atmosphere.
In addition to these timeless classics, new additions to the SapienStone catalogue include the bright green marbled texture of Alpi Chiaro Venato
Original, intense Alpi Chiaro Venato follows the trends of a constantly evolving market with an unusual and versatile shade of green, a colour perfect for covering surfaces in traditional and modern spaces, in private homes or in the world of restaurants and hospitality
Alpi Chiaro Venato’s attraction lies in its irregular veining featuring a fluid alternation of lighter and darker hues in its deep green background. Particularly rich in details, this is a collection of highly expressive, prestigious surfaces that will never go unnoticed.
For combining with furnishings, Alpi Chiaro Venato is easy to mix and match with either lighter or darker items of furniture.
Offering solutions for all tastes and styles, the SapienStone catalogue is a landmark for today’s kitchens, offering a vast choice of original materials custom-designed in response to the client’s needs.

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