Maxi-slabs inspired by cements, resins and metals: Hi Lite by Iris Ceramica 

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Iris Ceramica’s Hi Lite maxi-slabs are an Italian design solution perfect for underlining the atmosphere of contemporary interiors and enhancing perceived space. They do this through the details, and through the brilliance and harmony of the whole. Neutral colours with textured surfaces inspired by cements, resins and metals produce unusual, creative results perfect for the contract industry and retail, as well as for customising a variety of spaces in the home

Maxi-slabs inspired by cements, resins and metals: Hi Lite by Iris Ceramica 
High-tech ceramic maxi-slabs represent an increasingly effective contemporary design solution which is growing in popularity among architects and designers today.
Maxi-slabs’ versatility and visual impact, and the mood created by visual continuity, underline atmospheres in all kinds of decorating styles, from contemporary to classic, and from minimal to post-industrial.
On floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, maxi-slabs augment the technical and aesthetic performance of a top-quality material, porcelain, by adding to the level of detail, eliminating the barriers to perception created by grouting, permitting brighter spaces, and underlining the homogeneity and harmony of the covering unit. Veins, stripes and colours not only add to the aesthetic value of individual slabs but become the true strong point determining the expressiveness of the surface as a whole.
The maxi-slab is a unique product representing a synthesis of essential properties such as resistance and light weight, permitting creative combinations unimaginable in the past. The possible applications of maxi-slabs go well beyond classic wall and floor coverings, creating surfaces that are true items of furniture and can be used in original and increasingly personalised ways.
All these innovative aspects ensure that high-tech ceramic maxi-slabs make an important contribution to defining the identity of exclusive contemporary spaces.
Iris Ceramica is one of the key brands on the market for Italian ceramic surfaces, offering its Hi Lite line of maxi-slabs for highly expressive, unique, elegant interiors.
The Hi Lite line of maxi-slabs includes the Grunge Concrete, Avenue XXL and Metal XXL collections, each of which is available in a number of basic colours inspired by the materials they are fashioned after: cements, resins and metals.
The "worn city cement" look inspires Grunge Concrete, one of the collections created under the partnership of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, two leaders in lifestyles and quality porcelain.
The partnership between Diesel and Iris Ceramica has drawn on collective imagery to produce numerous collections over the years, all abounding in magic and contaminations inspired by different materials, landscapes and cultures, with high expressive and often surprising results.
Grunge Concrete is available in three chiaroscuro colours, Rebel White, Grey and Black, and is a 300x150 cm maxi-slab marked with details such as fissures, scratches and cracks. There are also two different designs available for the three colours, making this collection an excellent solution for use in furnishings and accessories.
Rebel White stands out for the priority it gives to light, and may be describe as "a blank canvas" on which everyone can create their own personal style.
Rebel Grey’s strong point is its discretion: like all intermediate shades, it adds "depth to the atmosphere", creating the right mood for any room.
Rebel Black is Grunge Concrete’s most daring surface, of ultra-contemporary design, capable of communicating with other surfaces and items of furniture in white, creating contrasts with an elegant visual impact.
Hi Lite maxi-slabs also include the Avenue XXL collection. Here the word "essential" "summarises the style of a collection that makes surface area an architectural quality and sobriety the leitmotiv for dressing modern architecture". 
Reinterpreting resin and cement in the form of ceramic, Avenue XXL presents a rational, clean look, underlining the rigidity and power of the materials inspiring it by contrast.
Avenue XXL’s contemporary design is available in four colours, Amber, Ivory, Plumb and Silver, with elegant graphics underlined by delicate neutral hues.
Metal XXL is the third collection of Iris Ceramica Hi Lite line of maxi-slabs, inspired by the metallic effect. Characterised by innovative shades and patterns, Metal XXL also comes in a range of neutral hues in between black and white.
Metal XXL’s strong point is the two versions of its surface, available natural and textured in the case of "Metal" and lapped in the case of “Chrome”, reproducing all the chromatic variability and refraction typical of metal surfaces.

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