FMG Maxfine: all the attraction of marble, with the strength of high-tech ceramic

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Large size, strength and versatility, a vast range of effects and colours are the principal qualities that have made FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti high-tech ceramic so popular on the market for ceramic materials.
The performance of these slabs made from carefully selected raw materials using procedures based on natural processes makes them perfect for covering all kinds of surfaces and for a great variety of uses. 
Among the new marble-effect surfaces in the company’s catalogue, Maxfine maxi-slabs offer a design solution perfect for creating fascinating custom-designed furnishings

FMG Maxfine: all the attraction of marble, with the strength of high-tech ceramic
Its outstanding technical and aesthetic properties have made high-tech ceramic today’s most popular surface covering material.
These properties include the material’s unique properties, the innovation of large sizes, and the variety of available effects and colours.
Let us take a closer look at these aspects, presenting the catalogue of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a world-renowned ceramic coverings brand, recently expanded with the addition of 9 surfaces inspired by marble, already popular products for design in 2022.
FMG high-tech ceramic offers a series of important technical benefits, beginning with careful selection of ultra-pure natural raw materials such as clays, sands and minerals.
These are the materials that are in nature compacted to form stone under the influence of plate tectonics and the heat of the upper layers of the earth’s crust. 
FMG’s production processes reproduce and amplify these natural phenomena: use of presses and firing in the furnace at ultra-high temperatures (higher than those of a volcano, 1300°C or more as compared to 1100°C) make the final product extremely compact, and therefore very hard, non-absorbent and resistant to external aggression.
In this case man-made materials are actually superior to the natural original in a number of ways, as all defects are eliminated (such as variations in hue, cracks and pores) while preserving their unique qualities of unrepeatability, calibre and consistency through three dimensions.
These manufacturing procedures are ecological, as sands, clays and minerals are obtained without damaging or destroying the environment they come from, on the basis of the conscientious, sensitive policies of the Iris Ceramica Group which owns the FMG brand.
FMG Maxfine maxi-slabs are ultra-thin maxi-slabs capable of covering surfaces measuring up to 4.5 square metres (300x150 cm) with a single slab.
A vast choice of sub-multiples allows the Maxfine collection to offer unrivalled visual continuity in homes and public places, for example by using the same flooring material inside and outside the building, or covering large walls with a single slab, limiting the need for grouting.
Moreover, Maxfine maxi-slabs are lightweight and easy to work with, permitting their use in customised furnishings, and even in curved surfaces.
This makes Maxfine ideal for use in tables, worktops, columns, bathroom and kitchen countertops, consoles, visible surfaces in interior decoration and custom architectural finishes, as revealed by the selection of images shown here.
All these technical aspects are combined with the aesthetic qualities that have always ensured that FMG’s collections are appreciated by architects and design fans.
The great variety of available effects and colours faithfully reproduces the best stones and most precious marbles, and even includes concrete, onyx and various metals.
The variety of material effects in the FMG Marmi Maxfine range has been expanded lately with the addition of the new surfaces Rosso Lepanto, Breccia Medicea, Kuroca, Delicato Cremo, Trambiserra Grey, Grigio Alpi Carnia, Brazilian Blue, Ocean White and Black Onyx
The wealth of their textures, finishes and sizes ensures that these marbles also offer attractive solutions for spaces in the home, public places and businesses, as well as hospitality and community facilities.
The new product lines, highly various to offer a vast choice of styles and designs, are characterised by originality and a multitude of colours, reinterpreting ancient marbles with a long tradition of use in architecture with a contemporary twist to adapt them to the new demands of today.
Exotic original colours appear in Brazilian Blue, with its intense, fascinating blue background, and Rosso Lepanto with its dense grid of white veins against a reddish-brown background.
More delicate, balanced pale marbles include Trambiserra Grey and Delicato Cremo, the heirs to Italy’s long tradition of marble quarrying, while the darker hues of Kuroca, Grigio Alpi Carnia and Black Onyx stand out for their expressiveness and the dramatic impact of their bewitching surfaces.
Lastly, the freely ranging colours of Breccia Medicea and Ocean White are inspired by noble, refined marbles of great ornamental value.

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