FAB Fiandre ideas for porcelain floor and wall coverings



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Ideas for covering the walls and floors of interiors are inspired by the places and ways in which porcelain flooring materials are displayed. One example of particularly bold visual impact is Fiandre’s FAB or Fiandre Architectural Bureau.

FAB Fiandre ideas for porcelain floor and wall coverings

Porcelain floor tiles for interiors become expressive when laid on location, but in actual fact they already have a background, known only to architects and interior decorators: they are presented in showrooms designed to show off all their technical qualities and particular material features. Architects and interior decorators seeking ideas for floors or inspiration for interior decorating can find a unique and unrepeatable opportunity in company showrooms: spaces designed specifically for exhibiting and presenting ideas for porcelain floors and furnishings. Places where porcelain floor tiles are displayed and presented, underlining their potential; exhibition spaces suggesting new ideas for interiors featuring porcelain tiles.

One example of great visual impact is the new FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau space opened by Fiandre of Castellarano: a workshop rather than an exhibition hall, where visitors can discover the technical and aesthetic qualities of porcelain flooring in a truly innovative setting. This bureau for architecture is actually a multi-purpose space measuring more than 1000 m2, in which intelligent design solutions divide up or unite multiple areas where different activities can be performed, even at the same time: receiving guests, presenting products, providing instruction and hosting events. FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau is a place clearly designed to stimulate new ideas for flooring and interior decorating in a top quality comfortable setting. The space is made up of surfaces, floors, lights, scents and sounds that blend together in a harmonious environment of sensorial stimulation, infusing visitors with a pleasing sense of well-being. It’s easy to understand how a place of such great cultural breadth provides fertile ground for coming up with new ideas for floors and interiors featuring porcelain tiles.

FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau is a true container for ideas for porcelain floors and furnishings, designed by Bertone Design, a historic Italian design studio led by architect and CEO Aldo Cingolani. The designers have distinguished this crucible of ideas with curved lines and volumes to produce a fluid setting of bold visual impact.
For anyone who may have forgotten it, it is vision that gives rise to new creative ideas, and in the Fiandre Architectural Bureau Fiandre’s excellence is showcased at its best through exposure to vision. Bertone Design boldly displays Fiandre’s excellence, suggesting new ideas for porcelain floors and fittings to architects and designers and illustrating the quality and aesthetics of porcelain floor and wall tiles measuring 300X150 and only 6 millimetres thick, MAXIMUM, or tiles from the collection of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM bactericidal and anti-pollutant wall coverings.
In conclusion, the visionary intuition of the architects from Bertone Design has allowed them to create the FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau, a contemporary new showroom concept illustrating Fiandre’s corporate values and showcasing all the potential of its big tiles, with the added benefit of providing a space offering inspiration for new ideas for porcelain flooring and furnishings.

Porcelain floor and wall coverings - Fiandre

MAXIMUM Fiandre, large size 300x150 cm: the top of the Fiandre porcelain range, only 6 mm thick
Eco-Active antibacterial materials for Fiandre’s Active floor and wall coverings


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