Nature rules with the Vestre Fjord Park by ADEPT

ADEPT, GHB Landskab,

Rasmus Hjortshoij,

Aalborg, Denmark,

Sport & Wellness, Landscape,

Wood, Cement,

Danish architecture firm, ADEPT has completed the Vestre Fjord Park.

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Nature rules with the Vestre Fjord Park by ADEPT Danish architecture firm, ADEPT has completed the Vestre Fjord Park. This nature park goes beyond just green to embrace activities and functions to fully experience this unique site on the Danish fjord, the Limfjord.

Aalborg is Denmark's fourth biggest city after Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, a port city on the banks of the Limfjord that connects it to the Baltic Sea. And it is here, in the west part of the city, that a new landmark has been built - the Vestre Fjord Park, created by ADEPT in collaboration with landscape architects GHB.
This project is a “real” connection between nature and city, a place where people can enjoy a great experience with the untamed nature of the Limfjord with its typical flora and fauna but at the same time make the most of the leisure activities offered by the new architecture. ADEPT designed the multifunctional structure as the backdrop for the many activities to experience here precisely because of the unique nature of Vestre Fjord Park. The bare concrete and untreated wood architecture is developed as a sequence of five low volumes, each with a different function and all united by the large rooftop that picks up on the shape of dunes and encompasses an amphitheatre and games for kids. These volumes provide protection from the wind for the two swimming pools in the Vestre Fjord Park.  
The architects have created a link between the water and the local flora not with the aim of making the building an iconic protagonist, but rather to encourage people to have direct contact with the waterfront and with nature.
Vestre Fjord Park was one of the three shortlisted projects for the Danish Landscape Award 2017 and has been recognised an award as one of the best new buildings in Aalborg.

Christiane Bürklein

Project team: ADEPT, GHB Landskab, Orbicon, Niras, COWI
Location: Aalborg, DK
Client: Aalborg Municipality
Size: 2.000 m2 / 15 ha 
Name: Vestre Fjord Park 
Year: 2017 
Images: R. Hjortshøj - http://coastarc.com/

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