Musae’s Laurel Garden by CCD, an enchanted setting in Guangzhou

CCD / Cheng Chung Design,

Guangzhou, China,


Glass, Bamboo,

Interior Design,

Places that awaken emotions are places we remember. Which is why the Hong Kong-based CCD / Cheng Chung Design studio created a place of rare beauty with an almost dreamy feel with Musae’s Laurel Garden in Guangzhou.

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Musae’s Laurel Garden by CCD, an enchanted setting in Guangzhou Musae’s Laurel Garden in Guangzhou, China designed by CCD is a geometric building, practically a container of minimalist beauty in its forms, characterised by undulating pitched roofs. The venue is dedicated to hospitality, a place where you can spend an afternoon with friends enjoying a cup of tea, or on your own, perusing the books.
The interiors of this nature-inspired gem are designed by Joe Cheng, founder of CCD, Cheng Chung Design, specialising in hospitality design. He has also worked with most of the leading high-end international hotel management groups.
Basically, the interior is formed of an ample foyer, continuously connecting with the outside garden through a fully glazed facade. The ceilings soar up to 13 metres high, creating an atmosphere that would be appropriate in a place of worship to make a visit to this place even more memorable. Because this is the fundamental theme for the designer, Joe Cheng: the time that people spend in Musae’s Laurel Garden must be a special moment, it must leave them with fond memories, enriching both the location’s management and the visitors, spiritually at least.
In this perspective, the interior design becomes even more critical. So, CCD harnessed all the potential of the soaring height of these premises: the wall and the bespoke bookshelf set the stage for the sunlight that freely casts its beams across the surface as playful shadows and light.
The material choices of the designer create delightful visual contrasts: the antiquated brushed bronze and the modern glass bricks generate a connection between the old and the new, and remind visitors of the passing of time and the walk of life. CCD opted to create “rooms within the room” to configure the actual area, referencing the typical concepts of a teahouse.  To do this, the designers added low walls, reminiscent of light, stylish screens.
Against this, an imposing timber and metal staircase winds upwards in front of the cement-glass latticework. It leads to the first floor of the volume as an eye-catching scene-stealer, like an indoor sculpture.
Musae’s Laurel Garden by CCD in Guangzhou presents as an oasis of peace. A place where you feel free to wonder about the sense of our frenzied lives, of our concerns. An invitation to reflect on the fact that maybe we can - and should - treat time with the respect it deserves and look at it from a new perspective. We can’t worry about the past that we will never recoup, because our minds retain all the memories we need.
This space allows us to temporarily remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to listen to our inner voice, to enjoy and treasure the delightful moments we spend in this rarefied atmosphere. This place will calm our souls and help us get through the fatigue of our days, now more than ever.

Christiane Bürklein

Interior design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK) (www.ccd.com.hk)
Location: Guangzhou, China
Area: 1,100 m2
Completion time: December 2019
Photo credit: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK)


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