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Interior Design for reclamation. 403architecture[dajiba] 
Creativity as the key ingredient in an interior design project in which three young Japanese architects seek to come up with innovative solutions which are sustainable for both the environment and the wallet.

“The grid of Santen” is the architectural solution offered by Japanese studio 403architecture[dajiba] in response to the client’s demands. A hairstyling salon in Hamamatsu, Japan, needed a space for the staff to eat and rest in. The building’s attic was empty and could be used for the purpose. So the architects took it apart, took an inventory of the materials that could be reused and then reinvented what was already there.

They used CAD to plan the project, which uses reclaimed materials in new and unusual ways to combine the two functions of dining and resting in a single room.

To create a lounge for relaxing in this single space, the architects “prefabricated it on site”, using beams and boards of wood from the old attic to create a new volume in the room.

Use of the colour white on the structural side of the boards only ensures that the way we perceive the boards changes with our point of view: white from the entrance, wood colour from the other side of the space, creating an impact which is both ethereal and material.

The young architects of 403architecture[dajiba] – the number is a reference to the room they shared during their university years - demonstrate that wealth is not needed to come up with good ideas that are intrinsically sustainable in interior design projects, because upcycling of existing materials can produce outstanding contemporary solutions.

Design: 403architecture[dajiba] (Toru Yada, Takuma Tsuji, Takeshi Hashimoto), http://www.403architecture.com
Location: Hamamatsu, Japan
Photographs: kentahasegawa, http://kentahasegawa.com/


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