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Branding and Interior Design in Germany by Masquespacio Spanish interior designers and creative consultants, Masquespacio are responsible for this colourful takeaway in Bonn, Germany. It’s called Kessalao, and its innovative concept is the result of the studied use of Visual Marketing.

Spanish creative consultants Masquespacio have completed their first project outside Spain. Kessalao is a Mediterranean-style takeaway in Bonn, the former capital of Germany. Led by creative director Ana Milena Hernándes Palacios, Masquespacio completed this establishment that, in the finest tradition of the Spanish studio, is itself an expression of the brand.

Let’s look at the name first – Kessalao – a combination of German and Spanish in the finest fusion tradition. And the interior is a wild burst of Mediterranean colours that set the imagination juices flowing in the German client,

And think very bright colours – red dominates, then blue and yellow that allude to the Mediterranean climate, and everything is set off by cheerful splashes of pinkish purple. These carefully studied colours are combined with a skilful blend of materials, lots of wood in the wall panelling and the furniture, plus metal gratings and raffia on the stools and for containers.

Masquespacio has therefore succeeded in branding this small, 40 square-metre space, which acts as a strong visual icon and a bright beacon that it is impossible not to notice.

The interior design is completed by the takeaway food packaging line. 

Kessalao is the perfect example of an all-round project that applies visual marketing to the design, even in the brand’s logo – a drop of olive oil.

Finished: 01/05/2014
Space: 40 m2
Client: Kessalao
Website: http://www.kessalao.com
Bonn, Germany
Design: Masquespacio (http://www.masquespacio.com)
Creative Director: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
Architect junior: Virgínia Hinarejos
Graphic Designer junior: Ana Diaz
Creative junior: Carolina Micó
Graphic design and interior design realized by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
Photography: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas (http://www.cualiti.es/)


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