Architecture by the sea: KCAP’s Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach


Ossip van Duivenbode,



Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach, a four-star hotel designed by KCAP, is an iconic new addition to the skyline of Scheveningen, the famous seaside district of The Hague, constructed as part of the redevelopment of the Noordelijk Havenhoofd in Scheveningen.

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Architecture by the sea: KCAP’s Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach
Scheveningen is the most popular Dutch seaside resort. Only five kilometres from The Hague, the district and its beaches are easy to reach via sustainable mobility, by bicycle or streetcar from the city centre, making it the ideal place to relax on the North Sea shore after visiting the museums of the capital city of the Netherlands. 
A new four-star hotel, Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach, has opened right at the tip of the boulevard in Scheveningen just in time for the summer season. The project by Rotterdam architectural studio KCAP is a VolkerWessels Vastgoed development in partnership with the municipality of The Hague, enriching the seaside district with a new landmark at the end of the famous Boulevard.
Completion of the hotel marks the conclusion of the first phase in the redevelopment of the Noordelijk Havenhoofd Scheveningen. The masterplan for the 8.8-hectare area to the south of Scheveningen, also developed by KCAP, aims to revitalise the area by combining improvements to the existing fishing industry with a mixed program for recreation. The masterplan consists of two parts: the fishing harbour with fish processing companies and the seaside boulevard with a programme for leisure that includes the new hotel building. Two worlds meet in this part of Scheveningen, tourism and harbour activities.
For this reason, the architectural language chosen for the iconic building in a prominent position at the head of the Noordelijk Havenhoofd refers to the maritime narrative and to the history of the place. The hotel volume is triangular in shape and looks different when seen from different angles, becoming a true landmark by the sea. From far away, the glass façade with diagonal stripes recalls the dynamics of sails, while from closer up, it recalls the ripples on the water or on a sandy beach after the water retreats, a specifically seaside experience.  The reflections of the sky, the sun, and the clouds on the transparent façade underline the new hotel's relationship with its context. By night, the building is transformed into a welcoming beacon with its illuminated skypool.
Measuring approximately 11,000 m2, the hotel offers visitors and guests a programme spread over 13 floors. The Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach has 226 luxurious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a fantastic view of the North Sea, the Noorderstrand, and the skyline of The Hague. Amenities include a restaurant, a bar, a private dining room and a wellness area, all conceived to enhance the dialogue with the surroundings. Every single space is designed to enhance the interaction with its surroundings that represents the project’s true added value. The highlight of the hotel is the 12th-floor spa, with an infinity pool for enjoying a truly breath-taking “immersive” experience, along with a steam bath, a sauna, and a separate room for massages and beauty treatments to ensure a truly relaxing holiday.
KCAP’s Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach marks an important moment in the redevelopment of the harbour area and its transition toward a less industrial future; its design has already earned it a reputation as the new “place to be” in Scheveningen.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: KCAP
Location: Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands
Year: 2021
Images: Ossip van Duivenbode