Bars and Coffee Shops - The Best of the Week


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This week’s edition of the best of the week is devoted to designer bars and coffee shops all over the world that have been presented in Floornature over the past few weeks.

Bars and Coffee Shops - The Best of the Week

We take a look at bars and coffee shops all over the world: different ways of interpreting a place for social and business gatherings, in spaces that are increasingly set up to offer extra services in addition to food and drinks.
We start with Nine and Three Quarters café and bookshop, specialising in children’s books, in Medellin, Colombia: a meeting-place designed by architectural studio Plasma Nodo in the conviction that “the best ideas and the best discussions take place over a good cup of coffee”.
Dutch studio Ateliers Interior & Architecture designed Connekt Café in the former boiler room of Delft University of Technology, an office and meeting-place for the members of Connekt, an organisation of Dutch authorities, industries and cultural institutions. Birgitta Café is a 100% sustainable project by Finnish architecture and design studio Talli in the centre of Pyhä Birgitta Park in Helsinki. In Osaka the local community was involved in a multisensorial collective experience to create the Yorunoma Bar by Nayoa Matsumoto Design, presented in Livegreenblog. In line with Japan’s Neko Cafés, Tommaso Guerra designed the interior of the Romeow Cat Bistrot, a café in Rome combining vegan food and desserts with unconditional love of cats.

(Agnese Bifulco)