Backstage during live streaming from Next Landmark 2014

Paolo Schianchi, Luca Molinari,

Showroom, Sport & Wellness, Landscape,


Master, Photography,

Next Landmark 2014, the contest promoted by international architecture portal Floornature.com, concluded with an event streamed live; here’s the story of what went on backstage.

Backstage during live streaming from Next Landmark 2014

Next Landmark 2014 is a contest for architects, designers, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects and photographers created by Paolo Schianchi in 2012 for the floornature.com portal. It takes place entirely online: a decision which not only encourages people all over the world to enter, but reduces the contest’s environmental impact. No paper, no shipping: all it takes is a click and an upload to enter the contest.
The preliminary stage in the selection of winners also takes place online. Winners in the three categories, Next Landmark of the Year, Research and Photography, were announced at an event streamed live from the Iris FMG Showroom in Fiorano Modenese.
An opportunity to see the judges at work: Jürgen Riehm (1100architect), Sergey Tchoban (Speech Architectural Office), Alexis Kraft (instructor at Parsons The New School For Design), Federica Minozzi (chairman of Floornature.com), Angelo Maggi (architect and instructor at IUAV in Venice), Luca Molinari (architect and architecture critic) and Paolo Schianchi (architect, IUSVE instructor, Floornature editor-in-chief). A lively exchange of ideas, under the guidance of moderator Pietro Polidori, led to the final decision to choose the following winners from the shortlist of 15 finalists in each category: Michele Vasumini, Italy (Next Landmark of the Year), Román Cordero, Mexico (Research), Mariela Apollonio, Spain (Photography).
As the judges themselves said, an event of this kind allowing people to meet and talk is of great importance as it offers essential opportunities to establish new contacts and synergies.
The editorial staff at Floornature.com, assisted by Corinne Coli, Ilaria Ciaroni and Marco Provolo of the Master’s Programme in “Integrated Design and Communications” at IUSVE as graphic designers and directors of the Live Streaming broadcast, really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to repeating it.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Link to video: http://youtu.be/kQNtjJx9jC4
Link to News on IUSVE site: http://mstc.iusve.it/index
Images: © Floornature.com


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