Shirish Beri wins the J.K Great Master's Award

Shirish Beri,

Award, Master,

The 26th edition of the JK- Architect Of Year Awards, India’s most important architecture award, has been won by Shirish Beri, whose fundamental contribution to architecture in his country over the past 40 years was acknowledged by the jury.

Shirish Beri wins the J.K Great Master's Award

Started in 1990 by JK Cement, the first Indian cement company, the annual JK- Architect Of Year Awards have become one of the most important and for many the leading recognition in Indian architecture.

The prize has various titles awarded each year and amongst these only the Great Master’s Award is given every 3 years to important architects with long careers (the winner must be at least sixty years old). In the 26th edition the jury unanimously elected Shirish Beri as the winner.
The jury took the whole of Shirish Beri’sprofessional activity into consideration: academic articles, seminars and awards received both in India and abroad and, last but not least, the impeccable integrity of this architect who, as Mara Corradi notes, has never let himself be conditioned by Western models and has always practised contemporary architecture rooted in and focused on Indian cultural values. .
Shirish Beri has dedicated his whole activity and project research to using architecture to rebuild the relationship between man and nature. The architect is guided by the deeply held belief that the quality of human life can improve if we live and work in spaces inspired by nature, recognising architecture’s role as a catalyst for a better quality of life and a driving force of social change.

(Agnese Bifulco)



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