Baan, Bitter, Hurnaus - Architecture + Photography² exhibition

Daniel Libeskind,

Iwan Baan, Hertha Hurnaus,

Berlin, Germany,

Sport & Wellness, Landscape,

Exhibition, Architektur Galerie Berlin,

The second in the Architecture + Photography series of exhibitions features buildings photographed by Iwan Baan, Jan Bitter and Hertha Hurnaus.

Baan, Bitter, Hurnaus - Architecture + Photography² exhibition
The Architektur Galerie Berlin presents the second event in the Architecture + Photography series, an exhibition comparing the work of three famous architecture photographers: Iwan Baan, Jan Bitter, Hertha Hurnaus.

Iwan Baan works with prominent architects such as Herzog de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas and SANAA while also using his lens to capture phenomena of city life in the former Soviet Union or in the poorer parts of Caracas.
Jan Bitter has worked with Wiel Arets, Daniel Libeskind and Sauerbruch Hutton, among others. In the exhibition he presents pairs of images combining different projects and motifs.
Hertha Hurnaus works with a number of Austrian architects (AllesWirdGut, Delugan Meissl, Querkraft).

One feature shared by all three photographers is the fact that they do not represent architectural projects as separate, self-sufficient buildings, but show how they fit into their urban surroundings and the landscape around them. The photographs capture instants in their use and show us the life going on inside the buildings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Iwan Baan / Jan Bitter / Hertha Hurnaus
Architecture + Photography²
Dates: January 13 ? March 3 2012
Location: Architektur Galerie Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Illustrations: courtesy of  Architektur Galerie Berlin