AMZ and Perkins + Will: living in symbiosis with a garden in Sao Paolo – Brazil

Perkins + Will Architecture, AMZ Arquitetos,

Maíra Acayaba, Daniel Ducci,

Sao Paulo, Brazil,

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Residential projects by two architecture studios, AMZ Arquitetos and Perkins+Will, created in Sao Paolo, Brazil, live in a constant relationship with the garden.

AMZ and Perkins + Will: living in symbiosis with a garden in Sao Paolo – Brazil

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, architecture studios Perkins + Will and AMZ Arquitetos, have designed a residence and a house that have a continuous relationship between their interior and exterior. They are two refuges from the chaotic urban surroundings, two buildings with modern, elegant design in which the architects included aspects typical of country homes, like the transient, changeable boundarybetween interior and exterior, to create a relaxing environment that lives in symbiosis with the verdant garden.

Cidade Jardim Residence
The residence designed by the Perkins + Will architecture studio takes its inspiration from the concept of biophilia, manâ's innate tendency to seek connections with nature and his “ urge to affiliate with other forms of life ” according to U.S. biologist Edward O. Wilson , who first formulated this scientific hypothesis. The design aims to ensure a constant relationship with nature in every function of the home, because this creates well-being and quality of life for the residents. Exploiting the natural slope of the terrain, the architects organised the residence in two overlapping and apparently separate volumes. The first on the ground floor is dedicated to communal areas: the living room, kitchen, swimming pool and barbecue area and is in direct contact with the large garden. The second volume is for the bedrooms, where greater privacy is needed and the relationship with the garden becomes merely visible, thanks to a system of panels that open completely, allowing various degrees of privacy. Guests access the residence from street height, which is at the underground level of the house, so that the ground floor is protected from noise and pollution from the street and does not need high boundary walls. The garden designed by Gil Fialho has local species and verdant vegetation that helps give the image of a city residence with the features of a country home.

Belgica House
AMZ Arquitetosarchitecture studio, founded by Adriana Zampieri and Pablo Alvarenga, has chosen a residential quarter in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for its Belgica House, which lives in symbiosis with its garden.
The architects have organised the functions of the home in three distinct overlapping blocks in order to create a constant indoor-outdoor relationship.
In particular, the living areas have free and direct access to the garden, with no dividing walls, while a transparent sliding door system allows the service area with its larder, kitchen and barbecue area to be separated if needed.
Sliding pinewood panels offer various levels of privacy for the bedrooms on the second floor, while the last block of the house, on the third floor, is devoted to free time, with a gym that leads onto a large terrace offering panoramic views of the area. In the evening the artificial light that filters through the transparent blocks creates atmospheric lighting for the garden.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Cidade Jardim Residence
Project: Perkins + Will
Garden Design: Gil Fialho
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Photos: Daniel Ducci

Belgica House
Project: AMZ Arquitetos
Architects: Pablo Alvarenga, Manoel Maia, Adriana Zampieri
Team: Gabriel Rocchetti, Paula Saito, Paula Ferreira Leite
Consultants: Structural Engineering Company: Leão & Associados
Construction: All’e Engenharia
Location: San Paolo, Brasile
Photos: Maíra Acayaba