The winners of the Next Landmark Architectural SKIN

Grégory Lacoua, ellevuelle Architetti,

Moscow, Russia,


Porcelain Tile,

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Gregory Lacoua and Ellevuelle Architetti are the winners of the sixth edition of Next Landmark, the international contest sponsored by Floornature, the Iris Ceramica Group architecture and design Web portal.

The winners of the Next Landmark Architectural SKIN

The 2017 edition of Next Landmark,the international contest sponsored by Floornature has ended. Its sixth edition saw a new formula devoted to Architectural SKIN. Architects were invited to “design the skin of contemporary homes” using the new “Design Your Slab” ceramic printing technique developed by the Iris Ceramica Group. This technology creates ceramic products that are totally customised, even though they are created by an industrial process. Thanks to Dys , any image or illustration (drawing or photo) can be used to customise a ceramic tile in any format you want, including precious materials like silver, gold or copper.

On 25th October the contest’s international jury announced the winners:
in the Architectural Skin category, French designer Grégory Lacoua, from the Grégory Lacoua Studio 
and in the Next Landmark of the Yearcategory, the Ellevuelle Architetti architecture studio.
The winning designs can be seen on a special page: http://www.floornature.com/nextlandmark/winners

The contest was true to its mission of “publicising new research and designs to offer visibility to new generations of architects and designers, and to encourage a dialogue between new solutions and visions for modern living ”. The winners of the 2017 edition will have their design produced as a prototype and will fly to Moscow for the awards ceremony and display at the SpazioIris Moscowexhibition space.