SuperLimão Studio Basilicata – Bakery, Emporium and Restaurant in San Paolo

SuperLimão Studio,

Maíra Acayaba,

Sao Paulo, Brazil,


SuperLimão’s interior design for the Basilicata Emporium and Bakery is a reminder of Italian immigration to Brazil, reflecting the history of the proprietors’ family

SuperLimão Studio Basilicata – Bakery, Emporium and Restaurant in San Paolo

In San Paolo, Brazil, architectural studio SuperLimão created the interior design project for an emporium/restaurant/bakery owned by a family with Italian roots. The history of Italian immigration to Brazil is the key theme of the interior design in “Basilicata”, by the architects of SuperLimão Studio. The clients are descended from an Italian from the region of Basilicata who opened his first bakery in Brazil in the early 1900s.

Preserving the building’s original structural features while creating open spaces responding to new needs were the keys to the project. What the architects wanted, especially in the ground floor emporium and bakery, was flexible spaces that could easily be adapted to suit the requirements of retail sales. The restaurant on the upper level is a completely open space with no dividing walls. Back on the ground floor, the architects use fittings such as counters for cutting cheese and other display units to differentiate between different sales areas and create a logical route through which customers proceed through the store. Furnishings and decorative solutions tell the story of the owners’ family and their long voyage from Italy to Brazil. A story told through vintage photographs and objects which have been handed down over the generations, like the doors of the wood-burning oven used to bake the traditional “Basilicata” bread, which the architects use as wall decorations and which represent the key product that made the family’s fortune.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: SuperLimão Studio
Project team: Lula Gouveia, Thiago Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos Figueira de Mello, Juliana Marcato, Renato Assada and Leticia Domingues.
Location: San Paolo, Brasile
Photos: Maíra Acayaba



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