Prefabricated ecological school in China

Hong Kong,

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Professor Zhu Jingxiang coordinated a research team concerned with designing and constructing buildings in which more than 90% of the components are prefabricated to reduce the amount of time necessary to assemble the structure and provide a construction solution for places threatened by natural disasters or requiring rapid reconstruction in the wake of an earthquake.

Prefabricated ecological school in China Following the May 2008 earthquake in China’s Szechuan region, the study team led by Hong Kong architect and professor Zhu Jingxiang came up with an advanced construction system that would meet a number of requirements including earthquake resistance and durability, rapid construction, energy efficiency and thoughtful design of space. The team, which recently won the 2010 WA Chinese Architecture Awards for its Eco-School NewBud primary school, built in 2009, completed construction of the New Bud Study Hall inaugurated in only two weeks in September 2010. The new building incorporates three classrooms and a study room with a panoramic view of Lake Lugu, all on the same level. A wind turbine provides the structure with all the energy it needs, while the exterior covered with wooden trellises recalls the rural constructions typical of the village.

Architect: Zhu Jingxiang
Location: Lake Lugu, Szechuan, China



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