NLÉ Silver Lion in Venice for the Serpentine Summer House in London

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Kunlé Adeyemi of NLÉ was awarded a Silver Lion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The architect is one of the designers of the "Serpentine Summer Houses", the little pavilions that will add to the attractions of London's Serpentine Gallery this summer, starting on June 10.

NLÉ Silver Lion in Venice for the Serpentine Summer House in London

Architect Kunlé Adeyemi (NLÉ) was awarded a Silver Lion for a promising young participant in the 15th Architecture Exhibition, REPORTING FROM THE FRONT at the Biennale in Venice. His installation, built at the Gaggiandre – Arsenale, recalls an important public project the architect built in Nigeria: the Makoko Floating School which has collapsed yesterday while details of the event are still to be cleared.
The international jury's motivation recalls this: " for a powerful demonstration, be it in Lagos or in Venice, that architecture, at once iconic and pragmatic, can amplify the importance of education."

A new project by Kunlé Adeyemi opens to the public on June 10: the Serpentine Summer House, one of the little pavilions that will add to the attractions of the Serpentine Gallery in London this summer. The Summer House project is a refuge for relaxing in summer, built drawing on the inspiration identified by the clients: Queen Caroline’s Temple, a stone summer house attributed to William Kent built in Kensington Gardens in 1734. The NLÉ Summer House reflects the proportions and shape of the neoclassical structure using prefabricated blocks of sandstone to create a composition made up of the basic elements of architecture: a room, a door and a window. The architectural elements create cosy, comfortable corners in the open space where people can eat, rest or play.

The Makoko Floating school designed by Kunlé Adeyemi (NLÈ) recently awarded the Silver Lion at La Biennale as promising young architect, has collapsed yesterday after three days of heavy rain in Lagos, Nigeria. The floating school accommodating not less than 100 pupils with their teachers was an extension to the only existing school in the Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront community. The causes for the collapse are to be confirmed.

(Agnese Bifulco)


Serpentine Summer House 2016 designed by Kunlé Adeyemi - NLÉ; Design render © NLÉ - Images courtesy of Serpentine Gallery Londra

Makoko Floating School Images courtesy of NLÉ, photo by NLÉ, George Osodi

Venezia - Waterfront www.labiennale.org/it/architettura/
Images courtesy of La Biennale di Venezia photo by Italo Rondinella, Jacopo Salvi