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Luca Molinari rounds off the season at SPAZIOFMGPERL’ARCHITETTURA, the Milanese gallery established by Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, with the first personal exhibition dedicated to Mario Nanni, the internationally renowned lighting designer. The exhibition is entitled “Le otto regole di luce di Mario Nanni” (Mario Nanni’s Eight Rules of Light).

MARIO NANNI’S 8 RULES OF LIGHT Thirty five years of observing, listening and experimenting, of passionate studying and learning about light that Mario Nanni sums up in his rules, each of which is represented by one of his projects. The Güell dome at the Gaudí Center Reus, the Light of Music for the La Scala opera house in Milan, the Thermometer of Light for Piazza Zabalburu in Bilbao, are just some of the eight “windows” that frame and define Nanni’s eight rules: light as a building material, light only where necessary, the thickness of light, light generates colour, tribute to shadow, light in motion, presence and absence, the excitement of nothingness.
The resulting exhibition recounts how moving through space is first and foremost to feel or experience emotions because, as Nanni teaches us, “every time we tackle a project, we must do so with great humility and sensitivity, in the knowledge that working with light is not merely about applying mathematics and physics, but it is also about dosing love, perception, passion and experimentation”.?Light poet and designer, it is in these terms that Mario Nanni talks to us about architecture, through his experience of the visible and the perceivable, by framing the project and telling us its story, letting us see it through light.

18th December | 28th January
Monday | Friday_ 3 pm | 8 pm
?free entry
?[closed from 24th December to 9th January]
Friday 17th December | 6.30 pm



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