Lo Scrigno del Cielo installation by Gambardellarchitetti

Gambardellarchitetti (Cherubino Gambardella + Simona Ottieri),

Filippo Romano,

Rome, Milan,

Squares, Installation,


Milano Design Week, Installations,

A new point of view, an invitation to discover the sky over Milan through an installation of metal and light designed by studio Gambardellarchitetti for Milano Design Week 2017.

Lo Scrigno del Cielo installation by Gambardellarchitetti

Installations made for Milano Design Week often encourage us to discover or take a new look at corners of the city where architects and designers have created new temporary urban landmarks.
Among the monumental buildings of Piazzetta Brera, architects Cherubino Gambardella and Simona Ottieri of Gambardellarchitetti designed “Scrigno del Cielo, Architecture inside A Window”, a new urban landmark made of metal, wood and light.

The installation is a seven and a half metre high tower made of metal and timber profiles of the type traditionally used to produce window frames. Profiles of different materials, colours and shapes are juxtaposed to create a hollow volume with a fringe at the top, pointing toward the sky like the spires of the cathedral. Three windows at different heights invite us to discover the sky over Milan reflected in mirrors appropriately positioned in the tower.
Looking through the windows, observers discover little “treasures” inside the tower: hinges, locks, brackets, and other items of hardware, in a homage to the manufacturing history of the brand represented in the installation which is also a story about the relationship between the building and the window, between inside and outside, between threshold and crossing, and, by extension, between earth and sky.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Gambardellarchitetti (Cherubino Gambardella + Simona Ottieri) www.gambardellarchitetti.com
Client: Capoferri www.capoferri.it
Location: Temporary installation in Piazzetta Brera, Milan, Italy
Photos: Filippo Romano  www.filipporomano.it