Klein Dytham architecture Open House Central Embassy Bangkok

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Klein Dytham architecture Open House Central Embassy Bangkok

The tranquillity of a family area offering a refuge from the frantic pace of a metropolis like Bangkok is the idea inspiring the Open House designed by Klein Dytham architecture in the Central Embassy complex.
Open house is a group of restaurants, cafés, libraries, galleries, stores, children’s play areas and co-working spaces with a total surface area of 4600 sqm on two levels.

The overall size and many different “identities” of Open House demanded definition of a route through the centre and a number of key elements as the first step in Klein Dytham architecture’s project. The key elements are a series of towers, composed of wooden panels, one for each restaurant in the Open House, with the dual function of making the different spaces visible and concealing the flues and hoods on the restaurants’ cookers. The towers look like solid totems by day and light up at night, when they are differentiated by the light effects of different panels.
This is the space containing the bookstore, a linear route integrated into the cafés and restaurants and arranged on two levels. In an ideal link with the district that is home to the Central Embassy, and to reduce the visual impact of an all-white surface, the ceiling of the Open House is decorated with an artwork composed of 9600 leaves hand-painted and interrupted by mirrors that infinitely prolong the wooden towers.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Klein Dytham architecture
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Photos: Ketsiree Wongwan, SpaceShift



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