Google, Instagram and Linkedin: the Internet offices and headquarters - the best of the week

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This best of the week invites you to discover the offices and headquarters of leading Internet players, the companies that provide services we use every day from mobile and fixed devices.

Google, Instagram and Linkedin: the Internet offices and headquarters - the best of the week

Here is an overview of some designs shown in the pages of Floornature of the headquarters and offices of leading Internet companies. They are often casual, colourful spaces with brand-linked elements and objects or with a completely alienating effect.
Like any journey or Internet surfing we begin with research... Google, the world’s best known and most popular search engine has various designs for offices and headquarters and the latest, presented in Floornature and Livegreenblog are the interior designed by Juan Carlos Baumgartner for the offices on the 22nd floor of the Reforma skyscraper in Mexico City, the headquarters in Tel Aviv Israel, designed by the Swiss studio Camenzind Evolution in partnership with a team of Israeli designers Setter Architects and the Yaron Tal studio; and the project by Rapt Studio for the headquarters in Orange County, California.
Rapt Studio has also completed projects for other important New Economy companies, like installations for the Californian home of Linkedin and the interiors of the new Adobe campus near Salt Lake City.
For image sharing social networks the American architecture studio Schwartz and Architecture in partnership with designers from All of the Above / First Office is behind the new headquarters of Pinterest in San Francisco and the Geremia Design studio has created offices for Instagram and Dropbox.

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